Construction Time Extensions

Construction Time Extensions

by Marie King

Understand what construction time extensions

Time Extensions

Asking for construction time extensions on  projects may seem inevitable with the myriad of reasons that could cause delays in a build or renovation project. However, there is a procedure that has to be followed if you want to get time extensions. There are also reasons that you must cite to show the time extensions were not due to your negligence.

Contract Administrator

The first thing you need to do to obtain time extensions is write a letter to the contract administrator. The letter should contain contact information for the administrator. It should also contain your reason for asking for the extension. The letter should include the amount of time you are requesting, what you have done to lessen other delays, the specific dates you will need to remedy the delays and the impact of the delay on other tasks.

Project Manager

The letter to the to the contract administrator must be passed on to the project manager, who will make the decision on the time extensions.The project manager will evaluate the reason you give to see if the delay was preventable. The project manager will also determine how time extensions will impact the cost and the duration of the project. If he or she has no objections, the project manager will issue a change order, which will alter the construction schedule.

Reasons cites the following reasons to succeed in getting time extensions:

  • “Legal issues are affecting the project’s completion or the contractor’s performance
  • Long lead items, requested by owner, have not been received
  • The Owner asks for a delayed start time
  • New or extra work not included in the original scope or contract
  • Unusual or adverse weather conditions
  • Encountering sub-surface conditions differing from the plans”

The reasons that would generate a denial for time extensions usually revolve around things that the contractor has control over or negligence of the contractor or his workers.

Time Extensions

Time extension are inevitable on a construction project. However, you must follow protocol when asking for more time. You also need to cite as reasons circumstances that you had no control over.