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Delaware Roofing Contractor Insurance

The Value Of Acquiring A Delaware Roofing Contractor Insurance

Delaware Roofing Contractor Insurance

Roofing is arguably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Not only do they work from numerous heights, oftentimes on slanted roofs, they have to use sharp tools and machinery in order to complete the job. They also have to use ladders or scaffolds to get to the height of the roof of a house or building, which is another risk of the job as they could fall.

However, working from heights isn’t the only risk they are exposed to. Long hours in the sun, especially during the summer months, can cause heat exhaustion or heat stroke, and may eventually lead to skin cancer.

Working on roofs also involves the use of tars and chemicals that could land a roofer in the hospital with severe burns if a mistake occurs.

Although roofers are the most prone to getting injured, they aren’t the only ones. If a roofer, tool, machine, ladder or scaffolds falls, it could hit a person who is on the ground, thus causing them to become injured. Property can also be damaged if one of the above stated falls onto it, especially if it is a car or A/C system. Either way you can expect a lawsuit or claim to come your way either from the injured or the one whose property is damaged.

Injury or property damage aren’t the only reasons a client might sue you. If they are not fully happy with the work, they can sue you and not having Delaware Roofing insurance could mean a big payout.

With a lawsuit/claim comes the likeliness you will have to provide compensation to the plaintiff as the judge may vote in their favor.

Due to all these reasons, it is necessary to get insurance for roofers in Delaware to protect yourself, employees and business from losing money. Call Affordable Contractors Insurance today to get started on your policy.


Stay Protected With Delaware Roofers Contractor Insurance

roofing contractors insurance

Our roofing liability insurance will play a key part of your overall business protection strategy. As a business owner, it is important that you protect yourself and your business. We don’t live in a perfect world, so accidents are bound to happen. Prepare yourself for the unexpected, just as homeowners do with home insurance.

Liability claims or lawsuits can break your bank. You may have to pay the plaintiff hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, along with other legal fees such as attorney fees, filing fees, court fees, etc.

If you don’t have ACI’s Delaware roofing contractor insurance, you can expect to pay for all of these fees and compensation out of your pocket. But, by getting the right policy from ACI, you can protect yourself and cover your business from possible bankruptcy or business closure. We will talk with you to make sure we get the right policy best suited for your business and employees.

Getting roofing insurance will not only save you money, but help you get customers. It is proven that clients are more likely to hire companies with insurance as they are deemed more trustworthy. In this case, by spending money on insurance, you will make more money in the future with more clients coming your way.

By getting roofers insurance, you are not only giving your business and employees peace of mind and coverage, but you also will be more trusted by clients. Homeowners and business owners are more likely to hire a roofing contractor who has insurance, thus giving you more jobs and helping improve your income. It is definitely an investment that will pay off in the future.

Affordable Delaware Roofing Contractors Insurance

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we are experts in the roofing business and only insure contractors. By doing this, we are very knowledgeable in what contractors are looking for and need when searching for roofing insurance.

Whether you need insurance for residential roofing, commercial roofing, new and existing construction, open roof coverage or uninsured sub endorsements, we offer all five of these.

Let us know your policy needs and any important features about your business and employees, such as how many employees you have, and our expert insurance professionals can find the right policy for you. As a thank you for choosing ACI, we are glad to offer a down payment for as low as 20%!

Save 15% or more compared to our competitors on our high-quality coverage roofing insurance when you call today! We will even show you competitive prices so you can see ours is truly the best deal in Delaware.

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your Delaware roofing insurance today.

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