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Roofing is a job that requires courage and skill.

We rely on roofers to put together and fix roofs on our houses or buildings. The roof keeps us safe from outside forces such as rain, snow, dust and bugs, as well as holds houses and buildings together.

Roofers have a lot of responsibility to make sure a roof is safe and secure and doesn’t collapse. But, they take on a lot of risk themselves as they place themselves in the hand of danger everyday.

Roofs can be at any height, but any height can be dangerous if one falls. A small slip or mis-step could land a roofer in the hospital with broken bones. And if they fall from a greater height, the injuries could be severe, even deadly.

Roofers also handle hot tars and chemicals that if fall onto skin, can leave painful burns, not to mention can also be toxic.

The sun also isn’t the roofers best friend. With the heat rays beating down on them, it is highly likely that they could fall susceptible to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

But, roofers aren’t the only ones who can become injured on the job. If fellow roofers and taking a break or are simply on the ground, and a toofer, tool, ladder, scaffold or machine falls off the roof and hits them, they can easily be injured and require hospitalization.

Property can also become damaged if something falls on it. A person, ladder or tool could easily dent a car, break the windshield, break a pool pump, destroy a shed or AC system.

Either way, if a person is injured or property is damaged or they simply do not like the job that was done, you can expect a lawsuit or claim to come your way. And without Iowa roofing contractor insurance, everything you’re expected to pay will come out of your pocket.

By simply getting Affordable Contractors Insurance for Iowa, we have your back and have you covered in the event a lawsuit or claim comes your way.

Protection Through Iowa Roofers Contractor Insurance

Liability insurance is a must. We get it on our car insurance because accidents do happen. So why wouldn’t you get it for your business? Our roofing liability insurance is a major part of your overall business protection strategy and protects you and your employees. Don’t wait until an accident happens to get insurance. Be prepared and get insurance today.

Claims and lawsuits can be expensive. If the judge rules in favor of the customer, you may be ordered to pay compensation to them. But you will also have to pay for your own attorney fees, court fees, investigative fees, and anything else court related. And we all know those fees are not cheap.

So if you go into a lawsuit or claim with no roofing contractor insurance, you will be left to pay for everything out of pocket, which can have a harmful effect on your business. However, with the help of Affordable Contractors Insurance, we can provide you the coverage you need and be there for you through any lawsuit or claim. We know each roofing business is different, that is why we find the best policy solely for you so you are protected no matter what accident happens on the job.

By getting insurance for roofers in Iowa, you can add that to your list of reasons why customers should hire you. It has shown customers are more likely to go with a company that has insurance as it shows responsibility and trustworthiness to them. So by spending money on insurance, you can gain more customers and make more money. It’s a win-win situation.

Affordable Iowa Roofing Contractors Insurance

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we are experts in the roofing business and know the contracting business inside and out, which is why we only insure contractors.

Is your company in need of residential roofing or commercial roofing insurance? ACI offers both of those insurances as well as new and existing construction, open roof coverage and uninsured sub endorsements.

Call us and let us know your needs and wants, as well as any important items about your business and employees, such as where you are located/ number of employees, and our experienced insurance professionals will talk with you to find the right policy for you. You can even get a down payment for as low as 20% by calling us today!

We are the best in the business and are not afraid to prove it. We will show you our prices compared to competitors to show you that by choosing ACI, you will save 15% or more by going with us. We truly have the best deal in Iowa!

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your Iowa roofing insurance today.

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