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Missouri Roofing Contractor Insurance

Why Missouri Roofing Contractor Insurance Is Important

Missouri Roofing Contractor Insurance

Roofing is a scary job that takes a lot of skill. Roofers have to be aware of their surroundings and know how to safely work from heights. And they are continuously standing and working on slanted roofs, as well as ladders and scaffolds that put them at risk of potentially falling.

Working at different heights comes a lot of risk. For example, one mis-step and a fall could happen, landing one in the hospital. Hot tars and chemicals are also part of the risk of being a roofer and they have to be extra careful while handling them.

The sun is typically bearing down on roofers as they work during the day. And it is particularly brutal with the hot temperatures in the summer. Roofers are subjected to the sun on their shifts. Being exposed to extreme heat for long hours can be dangerous. Roofers can get dehydrated, get a heat stroke or even develop skin cancer in the future.

Injuries are not just isolated to roofers. Other contractors, pedestrians, etc, can get injured in the event the roofer falls on them or if a tool or ladder, for example, hits them.

Property can also become damaged if a roofer, tool, ladder or anything else falls off the roof. Property around the building or house is always at risk. This can include AC systems, cars, pools, etc.

With a lawsuit/claim, comes the risk that the judge will vote in the favor of the plaintiff, costing you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation. And without insurance, you can expect to experience a drain in your business funds.

No matter what type of lawsuit or claim a customer may file, you can expect to experience financial hardship.

By getting insurance for roofers in Missouri from Affordable Contractors Insurance, you can protect yourself, your business and your employees from having to spend immense amounts of money in lawsuits. Give us a call today at ACI and be stress free.

Protect Yourself With Missouri Roofers Contractor Insurance

Roofers Contractor Insurance

Our roofing liability insurance is something you can not pass up. Just like car liability insurance, we are here to help you in the instance an accident occurs and it was your business’ fault. Be protected in the case of emergency because accidents do happen, but we don’t know when they will happen until they do. But if you are prepared for it, you will be in a better spot.

Liability claims or lawsuits are one thing businesses do not want to face.

Without roofing contractor insurance, a lawsuit will weigh heavily on your financial situation. Having to pay for everything out of pocket is enough to run one out of business. But by getting Missouri roofing insurance through ACI, you won’t have to worry about making excessive payments. Just like any other insurance company, we will help you through the legal and lawsuit process to get the best possible outcome.

Roofers insurance can be the key to earning you more business. Homeowners and business owners are more likely to hire a roofing contractor who has insurance. Expect to see your projects increase and as you market to your community that you are prepared for anything with roofing insurance.

Affordable Missouri Roofing Contractors Insurance Tailored To You

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we are experts in the roofing business and only focus our business on providing insurance to contractors.

Interested in residential roofing insurance? We have that along with, commercial roofing, new and existing construction, open roof coverage and uninsured sub endorsement.

Let us know what you are interested in and any important things we should know about your business and a personal policy will be created for your business.

Want to only pay 20% down on a down payment? Call us today to see how!

Call today and we will let you know how you can save more than 15% on roofing insurance b y choosing ACI over competitors. We will even show you competitive prices so you can see ours is truly the best deal in Missouri.

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your Missouri roofing insurance today.

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