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Why Ohio Roofers Need Roofing Contractor Insurance

There is no doubt that roofing is one of the most dangerous occupations. Each day on the job roofers are exposed to a number of safety hazards. For instance, working with heavy machinery and power tools puts workers at constant risk of injury.

Slips and falls contribute to the majority of roofing work accidents. Roofers are at dangerous heights for most of their work day. This puts them at higher risk of falling and experiencing injuries than the average worker.

Many roofs have steep pitches which can be extremely hazardous. The highest point of these pitches is much taller than that of a regular one-story home. Falling from this point could be fatal to anyone. It is also much easier for one to lose their balance and fall on such a steep surface. Roofers are at risk from falling due to unstable ladders or loose tiles as well.

If proper precautions are not taken and a roofer falls from, you can guarantee that they will be injured. Serious injuries such as broken bones and concussions are likely to occur. At the very least, it is certain the roofer will be out of work for several days to assess their injuries.

Roofers themselves are not the only ones in danger of these falls. Other workers and bystanders can also be seriously injured if an accident like this were to take place. If a worker were to fall, they could land on another employee or client, increasing the severity of the incident.

Other hazards have the potential to cost roofing companies major cash. The large tools and machinery used by roofers may be perilous if not used properly. For instance, if a crane is used on construction, someone could undoubtedly be crushed by the massive machine. Tools such as nail guns also pose a serious threat if one were to be shot in the direction of another person.

Electrocution from loose wires and burns from chemicals are other risks roofers could face during construction. Other dangers include unknown holes and skylights in roofs and falling tile or debris.

Your roofing business is in danger of facing serious charges if you do not have proper insurance. One nasty accident without coverage has the ability to dismantle your entire roofing company. Don’t be caught off guard by liability lawsuits that we can protect you from!

By getting roofing insurance in Ohio from Affordable Contractors Insurance, you can rest assured that your company will be covered in all necessary areas.

Your Business Is Safe With Roofers Insurance

The only way to guarantee the safety of your business is to have an effective roofing insurance plan. Affordable Contractors Insurance makes sure to cover all of the bases so that you can sleep at night knowing your company is protected from anything.

Roofing insurance ensures that you are covered at any moment an accident may occur. This means that roofers are liable for their own injuries or damages. ACI knows that accidents are bound to happen, which is why we stress the importance of protecting your company at all costs. With our insurance plan you will be prepared to take on anything life throws at you.

In the instance of an accident, your business will be safe from any demanded compensation. If a lawsuit were to be filed, ACI will take care of you in every aspect. We are aware that work injuries lawsuits have the potential to cost roofing businesses serious funds. Other expenses like legal fees would also be outrageously expensive.

Do not let your roofing business face major loss due to liability lawsuits! By obtaining quality liability insurance through Affordable Contractors Insurance you will not take on these charges alone. We are here to help keep your company and it’s finances afloat! You can rely on one of our experienced insurance professionals to help you through creating a policy that works for you.

ACI takes pride in providing you coverage in every area you need. When creating your policy, we let you pick and choose what coverage you need and what you don’t. This way you will never overpay for insurance that you don’t need. We make sure to provide insurance that protects your business in any scenario. Affordable Contractors Insurance is the least expensive choice for great coverage in Ohio!

Great Ohio Roofers Insurance at a Great Price

Are you afraid of overpaying for roofing Insurance? Affordable Contractors Insurance ensures that you will only pay for the coverage you need. Our experienced insurance professionals help you create a policy tailored specifically to your company. ACI policies offer great coverage for the most affordable price.

If that is not enough to convince you, we offer our committed clients down payment for as little as 20 percent down. This allows you to get the insurance you need as soon as possible. You will also receive an instant certificate of insurance and policy number the same day!

There is no doubt that roofing is a dangerous business. Your business is at risk of dealing with injury and damage incidents on a daily basis. That is why it is so important to get roofing liability insurance now!

We know roofing insurance can be expensive. That is why we offer the most affordable policies with the most dependable coverage. Give us a call today and we can save you up to 25 percent on your individual policy.

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