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The Value Of Acquiring A Tennessee Roofing Contractor Insurance

Roofing is a hard job that requires a lot of guts. With danger at every turn, a roofer has to be careful they do not make a mistake and potentially injure themself.

For roofers, they have to not be afraid of heights as they work on roofs. A roof can range anywhere from a few feet, to hundreds of feet in the air. And no matter how high they are working from, a slight misstep can cause one to fall off and sprain an ankle or break their back. Even if the injury is miniscule or major, a roofer will still be left injured and possibly out of work for weeks to months. Ladders and scaffolds are among some of the day-to-day types of things roofers work with. They could easily slip and fall from one of those and harm themselves.

Along with heights, roofers use various tools to get the job done. This can include nail guns and knives. If a nail gun misfires or is misplaced, it can easily go off accidentally and harm someone near it or the person using it.

Roofs are conveniently placed on the top of a building or house to hold it together. But, being higher up, means being subjected to more sun rays. And the sun can not be roofers friends, especially in the summer heat. A roofer can easily suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke, which could lead to death. Also years of exposure to the sun can up the risk of skin cancer in roofers.

Simply working on the roof is not the only way one can get injured. Roofers, bystanders, pets, etc. on the ground can become injured if they get hit by a roofer, tool or ladder. Property such as car windshields, air conditioner units and pool pumps can also be damaged and cost thousands of dollars in repairs. And if you do not have roofing insurance, that money will have to come straight out of your pocket.

Just like in any other type of situation where someone gets hurt or property gets damaged, the one affected is going to be furious and want to receive compensation, therefore they may file a lawsuit or claim against you.

However, by getting insurance for roofers in Tennessee from Affordable Contractors Insurance, you will be able to rest easy knowing you will be covered in any situation that can occur.

Owning a business is tough. If anything happens while on the job, you are liable for any injuries or damages. Don’t wait until it is too late, get insurance with ACI today and be prepared for anything..

Why Tennessee Roofers Contractor Insurance Is Needed

Affordable Contractors Insurance has the best roofing liability insurance in Tennessee that will protect your business if an accident occurs while on a job. Roofing liability insurance will protect you and your business when something occurs and your roofers or your machines/tools are liable.

Accidents are bound to happen and ACI is there for you when they do happen. We know we do not live in a perfect world and things will happen that are out of our control. That is why we founded ACI, so we can be there when you need us most.

At ACI, we are here to help cover any payments, such as compensation and attorney fees, that come up due to a lawsuit or claim. As your safety net, ACI works hard to get to know you and your business. We know you are putting a lot of trust in us, and we want to let you know that trust is valued.

When you get Tennessee roofing insurance through ACI, you instantly become more valued and attractive to customers. They see you as responsible and that they can trust you to work on their house or building. It is a win-win situation as you get coverage and more clients, and your clients feel at ease having you work on their property.

Your Personal Tennessee Roofers Insurance with Affordable Contractors Insurance

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we have been in the contracting business for many years and have ample knowledge in that industry, as well as the roofing industry. Our extensive knowledge and experience makes us the top choice as your insurance company. We pride ourselves on working diligently to get you the right policy.

Are you looking for new and existing insurance? Look no further! ACI gladly offers that along with commercial and residential insurance, as well as open roof coverage and uninsured sub endorsements.

At ACI, we work diligently to ensure all your needs are met in your policy. That is why we take the time to get to know you and your employees. This allows us to tailor a policy specifically to you so you have all the coverage you are looking for.

Give us a call today and see how ACI is better than our competitors by saving 15% or more on your policy! Our high-quality coverage will protect your business and employees.

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your Tennessee roofing insurance today.

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