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Insurance for roofing contractors in UtahAll construction jobs carry risks, but of all jobs that involve building work, roofing is right up there—literally and figuratively—when it comes to inherent dangers.

The risks related to roofing are not exclusive to the roofers. Runaway tools or pieces of equipment that slip from the workers’ hands and fall off the roof can hurt others on the ground. On top of that, roofers also run the risk of damaging property with a minor accident that can lead to thousands in damage.

If people were to get hurt or claim any sort of property damage due to the actions of the roofing contractors they have hired, they will likely file this claim against you in court and ask for compensation. Even unhappy customers have the right to file a claim against you!

Such claims can deal you, and your business, a financial blow and if you were to pay for those claims out of your pocket, your roofing business, in all likelihood, will be ruined financially and could potentially close doors.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Talk to the experts at Affordable Contractors Insurance, and we’ll make sure you will get the best Utah roofing insurance has to offer and have adequate protection from any and all financial and legal claims against you and your roofing business.

Reasons to Get Insurance for Roofers

Protection from various financial and legal claims for Roofers

As stated above, any injury or property damage claim that arises out of your roofing business’ work can take a toll on your finances if you had to pay for everything yourself. Having the right Utah roofing contractors insurance policy can bail you out of that hole. Whatever financial problems you have caused by people holding you liable for injuries, property damage, or defective work, you can rest assured that all of them can be transferred to the insurance company that issued your policy.

Makes you more attractive to potential customers

Potential customers these days are so much smarter when it comes to hiring contractors, those who do roofing included. Many homeowners, for example, make it a point to hire only those with adequate residential roofing insurance in Utah. As for business owners who also need work on the roof of their commercial structures, only professionals with commercial roofing insurance in Utah would qualify. Such vigilance is understandable, since everyone wants coverage for any issues that may arise out of a roofing job, and that’s exactly what they’ll get with a properly-insured roofer.

Put your mind at ease

You really don’t want to be worrying every single time you and your team of roofing professionals are out on a job. Anything could happen, and you will be ready for them, thanks to a good roofing insurance policy that you can get at a friendly price from Affordable Contractors Insurance.

Get covered by Affordable Contractors Insurance

Affordable Contractors Insurance has a policy of insuring only contractors, roofing professionals included. From that fact alone, you will know that we have an intimate knowledge and understanding of contractors insurance. Any requirements you might have about your roofing insurance policy, we’ll make sure that everything will be specific to those needs. A roofing contractor policy from Affordable Contractors Insurance is a customized policy, which will always work to your advantage.

We also stay true to our name, as our roofing insurance policies come at affordable prices. In fact, for only 20% down payment, you should be able to get your hands on a high-coverage roofing contractors insurance policy. All you have to do is call us at Affordable Contractors Insurance. You will be able to talk directly with one of our agents who will provide you all the information you need regarding our roofing insurance policies. And within minutes of your call, you will receive a competitive quote that should help you make a decision.

Few things are as important as protecting your roofing business, so if you want to have peace of mind, make that call to Affordable Contractors Insurance now at 888-505-9012

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