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Why You Should Get Virginia Roofing Contractor Insurance

Roofing is hard work and full of danger. Roofers are subjected to any occurrence of accidents every day they go to work. Whether it is from tools they use or from the heights they work at, an accident is always capable of happening while on the job.

There are many tools and machines that roofers use while on the job and among them are nail guns, hatchets and knives. Any one of the tools can easily harm one if accidentally stepped on and misused. They can also even be deadly, especially if a nail gun goes off and hits someone in the head or chest.

Probably one of the most concerning aspects of being a roofer is the fact that they have to work from heights always. At any moment a roofer could trip and fall off the roof onto the hard concrete below. No matter if the height is 20 feet or 300 feet, a fall from any height can cause an injury. And any fall from a high height can be life threatening and debilitating. Recovery could last anywhere between a few weeks or a few months, leaving your roofer out of a job and you understaffed by one until they are healed.

A fall not only can injure the roofer themselves, but if their colleagues or pedestrians are in their path when they fall, they will be injured as well. And if tools or a ladder or scaffold fall, they can also land on someone and cause a great deal of harm. These high amounts of risk are not something to brush off. They must be addressed and prevented by all means possible.

As if deadly falls were not dangerous enough, roofers can also become injured if any debris or bricks/tiles are not installed properly and fly off and hit them. They are also almost always exposed to wires which could electrocute them and cause grave damage to them.

With risk of injury at almost every aspect of a roofer job, it is a no-brainer that lawsuits or claims could come your way from those injured or property that is damaged. Because the odds are that an accident will eventually happen, you need to prepare for it by getting roofers insurance in Virginia.

Contact Affordable Contractors Insurance (ACI) in order to be prepared for anything that may happen.

Roofing Contractor Insurance Keeps Your Business Safe

All roofing companies need to get roofing insurance. It is not a want, it is a necessity in order to protect yourself and your employees! We always hear customers are the first priority, but sometimes you have to put you and your business at the forefront and this is one of those times.

Affordable Contractors Insurance focuses only on insuring contractors and that gives us the edge to find the right policy for you and your employees. We work diligently to find which policy will protect you in any situation you may encounter while on the job.

Liability insurance is offered to prevent your company from losing financial revenue. Virginia liability roofing insurance is a must that every contractor should include in their insurance plan. You do not want an accident to occur and wish that you had gotten insurance sooner to protect you.

ACI knows accidents are a common part of life and at one point in time your company will see an accident occur. That is why at Affordable Contractors Insurance, we gladly focus on working with you to generate a liability insurance policy that works for you.

This means that you can have peace of mind that your company is covered if an accident occurs and produces damage or injures. Premium coverage at an affordable price with ACI!

You may think that roofing insurance will only save you from liability lawsuits, however there is a more legal reason you need insurance. Having liability insurance while doing any kind of roofing construction is actually required in most states, so if you do not have it, you could be breaking the law which could turn into more financial and legal trouble.

Roofing insurance is essential, as accidents are likely to happen when working from heights and with dangerous tools. Protect your company from liability lawsuits and the financial pain that comes with them. ACI offers the most affordable roofing insurance with coverage that puts your business first.

Affordable Contractors Insurance Provides You With the Right Virginia Roofers Insurance

There are many reasons why Affordable Contractors Insurance is the best choice for roofing insurance. We have the experience, knowledge and strong will to protect you when accidents happen.

Protecting your wallet is a must, and protecting the integrity of your name is of the utmost importance. ACI also saves you from getting fined for operating your business without insurance, as in some states, you need insurance in order to legally be running.

Affordable Contractors insurance provides coverage for all of your needs. We offer insurance for roofers, contractors and most importantly, liability coverage. We solely protect roofers, not your customers. We are here to protect you and we offer policies for as little as 20% now when you call us today.

Your roofing company is in safe hands when choosing ACI as your Virginia roofing insurance. Give us a call today to receive a competitive quote in just minutes.

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