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Roofing takes a lot of guts. It is not an every day nine-to-five job in a nice air conditioned office. Danger is at every corner when a roofer is on the job.

Roofers are subjected to a lot of uncertainty. This comes from the uncertainty of whether or not they will make it home safely or not.

One of the dangers they face is working from heights. Roofs are always at some type of height and no matter if it is a few feet above the ground or hundreds of feet above the ground, any fall from any height could result in an injury. If a roofer accidentally slips or trips on something on the roof, they could fall and land on their leg and potentially sprain or break their leg, ankle or foot, for example.

Another danger roofers are exposed to is chemicals and hot tars. At any time one of the chemicals or hot tars could burn a roofer if it accidentally touches their skin. Another way roofers can get burned is by being exposed to the sun for many hours. Not only can the sun cause sunburns, it can also cause a roofer to get heat exhaustion or heat exposure.

Lastly, roofers use tools that can cause serious harm if an accident occurs. Roofers use knives, hatches, hammers and nail guns on the job and any mishap, especially with a nail gun can be detrimental to one’s health.

However, roofers are not the only ones that are at risk for being hurt. If they fall or a tool falls off the roof, their co-workers on the ground, and even innocent bystanders, could be in the line of fire essentially and get harmed if the roofer or tool falls onto them. Property, such as cars, a/c units, pool pumps, sheds, etc. can also become damaged if a roofer or tools falls on to it.

If someone gets injured or their property gets damaged, you as a roofing contractor will most likely be met with an angry person who will seek compensation for their injuries or property that was damaged. And that compensation will most likely not be cheap.

But if you have Washington roofers insurance through Affordable Contractors Insurance, you will be covered and prepared for any incident that may occur.

Protection Through Washington Roofers Contractor Insurance

Affordable Contractors Insurance offers roofers liability insurance in Washington that will protect your business from financial devastation in the event a lawsuit or claim comes your way. ACI’s liability insurance protects your business in the same way if you get in a car accident and it was your fault. We are your safety net if a person gets injured or property gets damaged and your roofers are liable for what happened.

At ACI, we know no one is accident proof. Accidents will happen, so it is best to be prepared for anything that may happen. We have health insurance in the unfortunate event we get injured or sick, so doesn’t it make sense to have roofing insurance to be prepared as well?

How will Affordable Contractors Insurance help your business if you are at fault for something? ACI helps cover compensation you are due to the client affected. We also help cover any legal fees that come with a lawsuit or claim. These include but are not limited to, attorney fees, filing fees and investigator fees.

If that is not enough of a reason to get our insurance, we have one more profound reason that will sure make you decide to get it. It is proven that by getting roofing insurance you instantly become more attractive to clients. Why? It shows that you are responsible and are prepared if something does happen while you are working a job, thus making you more valuable to clients. Trust is key in any business and this is a sure fire way to get that trust automatically.

Get Your Personalized Washington Roofers Insurance with Affordable Contractors Insurance

Affordable Contractors Insurance is the leading expert in roofers insurance in Washington. Being in the business for years, we have honed our expertise in insuring only contractors, making us the ideal contractors insurance company in the nation

Are you looking for commercial, residential, open roof coverage, new/existing insurance or uninsured sub endorsements? Well, look no further! Here at ACI, we offer all of those policies.

We will get to know you and your business, which allows us to tailor the right policy that checks off every need you are looking for in an insurance policy.

Call us today to get started on your roofing liability insurance. Our experienced insurance experts will gladly take your call and find the right policy for you and we are even offering down payments for as little as 20%!

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your Washington roofing insurance today.

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