How to Increase Your Roofing Business

How to Increase Your Roofing Business

By Marie King

How to improve your roofing business leads and referrals

Getting new business and expanding your custom base are not easy tasks. The skills that make you a fine craftsman when it comes to creating a new roof are not the same abilities that you need to sell a client on your services. Developing leads that turn into solid bids takes a special kind focus and expertise.

Set Aside Time

Developing new business takes time. You need to set aside part of your work week to do the job of getting new clients. Update your website, Facebook pages and Twitter. Examine the results that you’re getting from your Internet and newspaper advertising. Make contact with any leads that you have and set up appointments.


Former customers can be a gold mine in terms of getting new leads. 50% of Millennials do business with a company based on referrals. Satisfied customers are the source of those referrals. Reconnecting with old customers may be a gateway to a new customer.


Your presentation should have four characteristics:


  • Be Technically Savvy- Your presentation should be done using the latest technology. You may want a professional to develop it, so that it has the most cutting-edge appearance. You will want to use visuals adapted from your industry or own business to underscore your message.


  • Benefits- You need to sell the client why it’s more beneficial to use your service over someone else’s. The fact that you have general liability insurance is definitely a selling point as are your licenses. Stress how your company provides value-added services like free recycling of debris, a longer warrantee on your work or more expertise with that particular type of shingling.


  • Be Understandable-people won’t purchase a service if they don’t fully understand it. Make sure that you explain clearly what the process of getting a new roof entails. Be specific about the dollar cost and detail what variables are involved and how the variables like the type and quality of materials can affect the final bill.


  • Explain Risks-Examine the roof. Point out the weaknesses in their roofing system. Also make them aware of how those weak spots can be come more costly if not remedied in a timely manner.



Part of your role is to protect your client. Your protection comes in three ways: through your roofing insurance, your expertise and work ethic.


  • Roofing Insurance-Your contractors’ insurance, which includes your general liability and workers’ compensation, offers exceptional protection to your client, Your workers’ compensation that covers your workers’ injuries prevents your client from having liability for accidents to your crew members. Your general liability coverage enables your customer to file claims against your insurance for damages.


  • Your Expertise enables your client to have excellent advice on construction issues, materials, aesthetics and energy savings.


  • Your Work Ethic insures that your customer gets the highest quality workmanship, which protects long-term a major investment-the customer’s home.