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Montana Builders Risk Insurance

Builder’s Risk insurance or Course of Construction (COC) insurance covers buildings that are in the process of construction under a layer of protection for the peace of mind of both the contractor and the client. It protects the property from damage due to accidents, natural disasters, etc. Montana builders risk insurance also includes materials that are yet to be installed or transported to the work site.

Course of Construction insurance is part of government requirements and is one of the many conditions to meet contractual obligations. Most homeowners or property owners will ask contractors if they carry builders risk insurance. Dangers that are construction-related are better off covered by some form of construction insurance.

Builders Risk Insurance Montana

While it is fairly easy to get a builders risk insurance in Montana, it can get confusing when it comes to the limits and coverage that each type offers. Which is why our risk managers are here to help you find one that best suits your needs and fits your pockets. They have the best knowledge when it comes to the construction industry and its related risks. Most of the coverage comes on an all-risk basis and it safeguards properties that are either at the construction site, in transit, or in a storage far from the work site.

What Montana Builders Risk Insurance Covers

Builders risk insurance in Montana can include the following:


Builders risk insurance Montana includes structures and buildings that are inside the construction workplace. To name a few are foundations, equipment, machinery, and fixtures that help build the structures. Aside from that, the insurance considers building supplies and materials used for the project.

Equipment Breakdown

This will cover any damage to the properties caused by mechanical breakdown, artificially generated current, steam boiler explosions, and other similar mishaps.

General Liability

This serves as a protection against legal liabilities against property damage as well as personal and advertising injury.

Ordinance and Law

Builders risk insurance in Montana is a great way to cover the cost when it comes to rebuilding or repairing damage brought about by enforcement of ordinances or municipal laws that aim to regulate the construction or repair of damaged buildings enacted by insured loss.

Modular Components

Most businesses keep expensive and essential equipment as well as materials in modular units far from the work site. With COC insurance, these modular units and components are covered even though they are in transit or they are in temporary storage.


Construction businesses and contractors should test any equipment that is freshly installed. Builder risk insurance in the Land of the Shining Mountains will cover the cost in the unfortunate event of a physical loss caused by hydrostatic, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic testing.

Valuable Papers and Electronic Data

Construction firms and contractors usually refer to schematics, blueprints, as well as electronic data and paper documents. Insurance provides compensation to restore, research, and replace said electronic data and paper documents that were lost.


Builders risk insurance Montana is not only limited to materials, equipment, and labor as it also covers construction profits. Contractors can claim a pro-rata reimbursement of the profit earned as of the date of the incurred loss.

Identity Restoration

This insurance is designed to protect victims of identity theft and help them restore their stolen identities.

The Importance of Builders Risk Insurance

Montana generally has beautiful summer weather but that does not mean materials on construction sites are not prone to damage. So, it is better to protect your investment and be safe than sorry. We have insurance brokers who can help you make an informed decision and give expert guidance on which builder insurance coverage fits you the best.

Cost of Builders Risk Insurance

Average insurance policy costs around one to four percent of total construction costs. You also need to consider the type of coverage and exclusions of the property so that you can arrive at an accurate calculation. If you want your claims to get expedited, work with us and we will help you look into and process any potential claims during the construction process.

We are Your Top Choice for Builders Risk Insurance in Montana

If you truly prioritize your builder risk insurance in Montana, then you would do well to work with us. Our insurance brokers can help you arrive at an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best Montana builders risk insurance coverage. To make the decision process more convenient for you, we are ready to answer all the questions you may have.

Through the years, many can attest to our reputation as the top and most affordable insurance provider. A staggering 96.4% client retention rate serves as a testament to the value we have provided our clients. This also speaks volumes of the potential value we can offer you through our exceptional coverage and exclusive programs.

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