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Why You Need New Mexico Roofing Contractor Insurance

The job of a roofer comes with much more risks than one would initially expect. Working at dangerous heights proves to be risky on it’s own. The addition of various power tools that are necessary for roofing makes it that much more hazardous. For example, if a roofer falls they could easily break a bone or experience a head injury. Moreover, tools like nail guns and hammers could easily pierce or bruise a roofer’s body.

Along with the risk of falling and the perilous tools that are used, roofers can be injured from a number of other causes. The integrity of the roof that they are fixing plays a big role in the safety of these workers. If a roofer is not extremely careful in assessing the strength and durability of the roof, they are certainly in danger.

If a roof is unstable it is likely to collapse from the weight of a person. Holes also play a role in causing injury to a roofer. If holes of any kind have not been fully covered, one could easily fall through the roof and be seriously injured.

Some roofs even have steeper pitches that present a big safety concern. Steep pitches are much higher and a fall from the highest point could even be fatal. Falling shingles and other roof debris at these steep angles also prove hazardous to workers.

Although roofers face the most risk, they are not the only ones in danger. Others around them could be harmed. For example, a roofer could fall on a bystander or accidentally injure someone with their power tools. These occurrences could put your roofing company at risk for liability lawsuits.

You can protect yourself and your company from facing these lawsuits by having the proper coverage. There is no doubt that every roofing company should take extra precaution so that these inevitable incidents do not cost the company serious cash. If you are a New Mexico roofing company, you need to get insured through Affordable Contractors Insurance.

If you are interested in the most affordable roofing insurance with great coverage contact Affordable Contractors Insurance (ACI).

Protect Your Roofing Business With Roofers Insurance

Every business needs insurance to keep themselves and their workers safe. Roofing companies are no different. Roofing insurance is especially important due to the risks that roofers face on a daily basis.

Affordable Contractors Insurance offers the best protection so that you can be confident in your roofing operations. The job of a roofer is not for the faint of heart. Everyone is aware that there are serious dangers that roofers may face.

The most obvious of these is gravity. Falls from even moderate heights can leave a worker seriously injured. Skylights and holes in the roof also play a role in these incidents. If a roofer is unaware of unstable areas of the roof they are doing construction on, they are likely to experience a treacherous fall.

Although falls are the main culprit for roofing injuries, there are more risks that you may not be aware of. Heavy machinery and power tools are necessary for construction projects, like roofing. Although they help workers get the job done, they are also a potential risk for injury.

Workers are at risk of being pinned between moving parts or pierced by power tools. Exposed wires risk electrocution and chemicals could cause burns or fire hazards. Even protection against modest injuries from lifting heavy material is essential.

ACI takes these overlooked incidents into account. We provide personalized policies that address any concern your business may have. From common injuries like falls to hidden dangers like fire hazards, we’ve got you covered.

In order to keep your business safe from occurrences like these prioritize roofing insurance. Affordable Contractors insurance makes this easy by putting contractors before their clients. We offer you protection at the most affordable price.

The Best New Mexico Roofers Insurance For You

Affordable Contractors Insurance offers a wide variety of contracting coverage at the best price. This allows you to focus on your business and employees while leaving these stressful incidents to us. We reduce the stress even more by offering contractors a policy with only 20% down.

At ACI we offer coverage for both commercial and residential roofing. If you are in need of insurance for new and existing construction, open roof coverage or uninsured sub endorsements we’ve got it!

General Liability insurance is another key component in your business’ insurance plan. Accidents are bound to happen and if you don’t take the necessary precautions it can cost your roofing company. By choosing Affordable Contractors Insurance you can save up to 25% on your insurance policy.

Give us a call today to work with one of our experienced insurance professionals. They will work with you to answer any of your questions and create a personalized policy that works best for you and your company. You will even receive your policy number the same day.

Do not put your business at risk any longer. Get the right New Mexico contractors insurance. Get Affordable Contractors Insurance.

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