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Every North Carolina Roofer Needs Roofing Contractor Insurance

In most states you are actually required to have roofing liability insurance in order to operate your roofing business. This means if you wish to bid on jobs or even be eligible to be licensed, you need to be insured. If you do not follow these set regulations, you could be busted for doing construction work without the proper coverage. These precautions are in place to protect your company from liability lawsuits.

Liability Insurance is essential for any kind of business to have. This is not only because it is required by the state! A business could face great loss when they are not properly insured. If an incident occurs that should be covered by insurance and is not, it can cost your company a fortune. In some cases, a company that faces a serious liability lawsuit may not be able to recover from it.

In the roofing business, liability insurance is especially important. Not only are you and your workers at risk on the job, others around you can also be in danger. It is important that one takes the proper precautions to prevent liability lawsuits from occurring. This is done by planning ahead and getting the right insurance policy for your business.

A number of factors contribute to the serious accidents that can take place while doing construction on a roof. Falling objects such as ladders and power tools can strike workers or bystanders. If a roofer falls off of the roof during construction, they are likely to experience injuries like broken bones or a concussion. Tools like nail guns also put workers in danger of being injured. If used improperly, a nail gun could pierce through a workers hand or shoot a nail towards another coworker.

There are also hidden hazards that roofers face on a daily basis. Unseen holes and skylights can cause workers to fall through the roof. Loose electrical wires can prove to be perilous if a roofer were to be electrocuted by them. Hazardous chemicals like tar are likely to give workers serious burns.

The job of a roofing contractor comes with so many potential risks. Even those passing by a work site are at risk for injury. If any of these accidents were to occur, your company is also at risk of facing a liability lawsuit.

Affordable Contractors Insurance (ACI) is here to protect contractors ONLY. Get the coverage you need at the most affordable price.

Roofers Insurance Protects Your Business

Roofers face hazards that may put their life at risk every day on the job. Your company also faces risk if it is not properly covered to insure these incidents. Roofing insurance is a vital part of a roofing company’s insurance plan. In order to operate to the best of your ability, you must be confident that you can take on anything life throws toward you.

Affordable Contractors Insurance only insures contracts! This means our sole purpose is to help protect you and your company. Yes we care about your clients, but our job is to keep you and your business secure. Our services include contractors insurance, roofing insurance, and general liability insurance.

Liability Insurance is one of the most important components of a roofer’s insurance policy. With the right coverage, you can make sure your business is not held responsible for paying hefty compensation. If you are not insured, your company is likely to experience serious loss.

ACI knows that accidents happen. This is why you can count on our experienced insurance professionals to help when things get tough.

We take pride in customizing your general liability insurance to match your exact needs. This means that you do not overpay for coverage you do not need. Affordable Contractors Insurance gets you a great policy for the lowest cost.

If you are still not convinced, ensuring that you have this coverage can also help you gain more clients. Many individuals view insured roofing companies as responsible and trustworthy. This makes potential clients more likely to choose you amongst others.

Keep your business safe, prosperous, and prepared for anything, get Affordable Contractors Insurance.

The Right North Carolina Roofers Insurance for You

Not only does Affordable Contractors Insurance give you all of the coverage your roofing business will need, it is the best price. ACI has been in the roofing business for years and we are highly experienced from working with so many roofing contractors. We know exactly which policies will work best for roofers and tailor them specifically to you.

If you are a roofer in need of proper coverage, let our experienced insurance professionals help you. We are happy to answer any of your questions and shop around so you don’t have to. Whether you need general liability insurance or simple roofers insurance, we can help!

At Affordable contracts insurance we put contractors first. To thank you for choosing ACI, we offer down payments to be paid as little as 20 percent. Give us a call today to get an instant certificate of insurance and receive your policy number the same day.

ACI is here to protect you with the best North Carolina roofing insurance. Start saving up to 25 percent on your policy now!

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