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Working in the construction industry can be financially risky because the development project is prone to catastrophes, vandalism, fire, and other accidents. Luckily, we have a successful risk management system that can anticipate losses from these accidents through builders risk insurance. Sometimes referred to as Course of Construction (COC) insurance, this is a type of insurance that protects property, materials, equipment, and other components of the project from damage costs and losses.

Almost everyone benefits from a structured insurance policy. This includes those who have a vested interest in the construction work, such as property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, lenders, and architects. Because it covers a comprehensive program of risks relevant to construction, most of the parties involved inquire about the insurance policy before proceeding with the project. Ohio builders risk insurance is also a government requirement before a construction contract agreement is approved.

Builders Risk Insurance Ohio

Getting builders risk insurance Ohio seems easy and effortless. However, there is a need to get a good understanding of the risks and benefits involved. Make sure you are optimizing your insurance policy and get down to the important details such as coverage, policy type, limits, etc.

To get the most out of your builder’s risk insurance while minimizing losses, get in touch and work with our expert risk managers. They can get you coverage written on an all-risk basis, protecting not only the properties at the work site but also those that are off-site.

What Ohio Builders Risk Insurance Covers

Our insurance agents can help you structure a builders risk policy that covers what you need:


A basic builder’s risk insurance covers buildings or structures, the main focus of the construction project, from property damage. The coverage may also include equipment, machinery, fixtures, foundations, supplies, and materials that were essential for the development of the building. However, do note that not every insurance policy is the same. This means some might not cover everything enumerated above. This is why it is important to consult an insurance broker to ensure that everything you need is included.

Equipment Breakdown

Despite the prevention and precaution implemented, it is important to consider that equipment are still prone to breaking down. There is no telling when an equipment gets damaged by artificially generated current, explosion of steam boilers, and other accidents. To mitigate the damage costs and losses, find a coverage that offers equipment breakdown insurance.

General Liability

During regular construction operations, your project is not safe from legal liability claims from third parties. They may sue you or your business operation for personal injury, property damage, reputational harm, and advertising injury to others. General liability is designed to protect you and your construction project from these unexpected circumstances.

Ordinance and Law

Some ordinances or laws must be implemented to enforce local building codes. This can lead to constructing, demolishing, repairing, and rebuilding a structure – which can be costly. However, property owners can mitigate the incurred loss with the help of an insurance policy that covers ordinance and laws.

Modular Components

Modular units are a special type of prefabricated construction and they pose a problem for Ohio builders risk insurance coverage because they are typically excluded from a basic insurance policy. Which is why it is important to get coverage for modular construction to protect the components while they are in transit, at the fabricator’s shop, at warehouses, or at an off-site storage facility.


It is common for contractors and companies to test the capabilities of new equipment or structures. Insurance will cover incurred costs in the event of physical damage brought about by electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, or hydrostatic testing.

Valuable Papers and Electronic Data

Construction companies use blueprints, schematics, electronic data, and paper documents to keep track of the project’s development. In the event that these documents are lost, Ohio builders risk insurance coverage will reimburse the costs to replace, recover, and research the said documents.


Ensure that your profits are protected during the course of the construction operations. That is because builders risk insurance Ohio is not limited to materials and equipment but can include earnings as well. The policyholder is reimbursed for some of the profit earned based on the calculated losses.

Identity Restoration

This coverage reimburses victims of identity theft for the monetary value they spent restoring credit reports and financial identities. It could also include costs for legal help or phone bills.

The Importance of Builders Risk Insurance

Properties and materials are prone to damage due to various reasons. This is why a builder’s risk insurance is worth considering to protect the construction project from incurring unnecessary costs. Our expert insurance agents can help you make an insurance policy with the right coverage for your construction-related needs.

Cost of Builders Risk Insurance

Course of construction insurance usually costs about one to four percent of the whole construction cost on average. On top of this, you need to consider the coverage and the exclusions before you can determine the final amount.

Work with us so you will get a builders risk policy best suited to your needs. Additionally, we will expedite potential claims for you and we will look into processing other claims you may have.

We are the Finest Choice for Builders Risk Insurance in Ohio

We are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and dedicated to getting our clients the coverage they need. This is thanks to our hardworking insurance professionals who will stop at nothing to provide you with the best advice. They will also make sure that all your questions are answered and you get the proper builders risk insurance.

We are confident in our ability to provide you with the best coverage and service because we happen to garner an impressive 96.4% client retention rate. It speaks volumes about the value we offer to any client who wants the best insurance policy. We also offer exclusive programs that have exceptional coverage and are designed only for valued clients.

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