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As the owner of a contracting business, your responsibilities are massive. You have to look after your own people. You have to be a smart negotiator. You also need to be adept at figures because there are lots of numbers involved in running a business. You have to be very patient because it is what the bureaucratic side of business requires, especially when securing official documents like permits and licenses. We know how it goes.

One of the biggest concerns that contractors have to face, however, is the potential of a client filing a claim against you. As a contractor, you have full liability for any mishap that takes place at your work site, particularly the ones caused by your own workers, whether accidentally or intentionally. So if, say, one of their tools slips from their hands and hurts the client or anyone else on site, you can expect the injured party to file for personal injury claims.

Clients can also sue for property damage caused by your workers. In some cases, clients even file a claim for what they perceive to be defective work, and win. Having the best contractors insurance Oklahoma City has to offer, then compensating your clients shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you don’t have insurance, you will have to pay for the damages yourself, and your business will most definitely take a hit.

Reasons To Get Contractors Insurance

Unfortunately, there are contractors who frown upon getting Oklahoma contractors insurance because it involves certain costs on their part. What they fail to realize is that accidents do happen, and contractors insurance is the only thing that will stand between tens of thousands of dollars in personal injury or property damage claims and the survival of their contracting business.

When you have the appropriate contractors insurance, your business will be protected from any and all claims. Legal costs may also be covered by your insurance policy.

Aside from insurance coverage, having a contractors insurance policy also elevates your commercial reputation. More often than not, clients prefer contractors with the proper insurance, because it gives them the guarantee that they will be compensated for any personal injury or property damage they sustain. Having contractors insurance boosts your chances of getting hired for a new job, and that is always good for your business.

Let us insure your contracting business

Affordable Contractors Insurance stays true to its name by providing reasonably-priced insurance policies for contractors of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a policy for general contracting, HVAC, carpentry, roofers or insurance for electrical contractors in Oklahoma, you can be sure that ACI will be able to draw up an offer that is perfect for your requirements and budget.

Every single policy that we offer is customized to your specifications. Our competitive quotes will factor in details such as your gross sales, your payroll, sub-contractor costs, and the type of contracting work that your company does.

Since Affordable Contractors Insurance only insures contractors, you can trust us to have a deeper understanding of your insurance requirements, which, in turn, makes us more than qualified to come up with the best contractors insurance Oklahoma City firms like us have to offer.

Call Affordable Contractors Insurance today to talk with any of our live agents. We promise that they will answer every query you have about contractors insurance, and provide you with all the pertinent information you will ever need to make the right decision.

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