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While under construction, it is important to protect your project through insurance. You can do this with a risk management program called builder’s risk insurance. Sometimes referred to as Course of Construction (COC) insurance, this type of insurance coverage protects construction equipment and materials from unexpected property damage. The damage to insured property could be due to fire, explosions, hail, lightning, natural disasters, theft, etc. Builders risk insurance Oregon can get tricky or too complex, which is why there is a need to work with our risk management team. They can take care of your insurance needs and provide you with guidance so you can make the most out of your COC insurance.

Anyone who has financial investment in a construction project can benefit from a builders risk insurance. General contractors, property owners, subcontractors, and custom home builders are just a few of them. Sometimes, these hardworking individuals require a builders insurance policy to comply with contractual arrangements and government regulations. Get this done easier with the help of our experienced risk managers, who can provide expert guidance.

Builders Risk Insurance Oregon

Getting Oregon builders risk insurance might seem easy at first, but it can get overwhelming and complicated fast. Next thing you know, you are bombarded with coverage and exclusions that require some tedious understanding.

You can get through this with the help of our competent risk management experts. Written on an all-risk basis, the coverage applies to all properties wherever they are located. This includes insured properties at the construction site, in transit, or kept in an off-site storage.

What Oregon Builders Risk Insurance Covers

With the guidance of our expert insurance brokers, you may structure your builder’s risk insurance in Oregon to cover the following:


A builder’s risk insurance always covers the building, the center of the construction or renovation project. The insurance coverage may also include equipment, fixtures, foundations, machinery, scaffolding, and other installations that are used to service the building. It may also cover construction materials and supplies that eventually become part of the building.

Equipment Breakdown

Course of construction coverage reimburses costs from sudden and accidental damage to equipment. It includes the costs incurred for repairing or replacing the said equipment, especially if the accident happened during the construction period.

General Liability

Legal liabilities can arise due to property damage, advertising injury, personal injury to others, and other reasons. This insurance property coverage helps to mitigate the potential costs from these claims.

Ordinance and Law

Contractors and property owners are sometimes forced to repair or rebuild a building due to newly implemented municipal laws and ordinances. These usually attempt to modify the building specifications to fit updated government standards. Construction or repair of the building can get pricey but luckily, builders risk insurance Oregon covers the repair or construction costs.

Modular Components

Construction components and materials are stored in off-site modular units. Protect these important components by including them in your insurance coverage. On top of that, you may also include materials that are in transit.


In order to test the ability or functionality of a newly constructed structure, some tests are made. This can lead to damage should the test fail. That is why builders risk insurance is offered as it can cover damage costs brought about by electrical, mechanical, hydrostatic, pneumatic, and other sorts of testing.

Valuable Papers and Electronic Data

Paper documents, schematics, blueprints, and electronic data are valuable documents that contain vital information on the construction project. In the event that these documents are lost, coverage in an insurance policy can provide compensation to replace or restore data lost.


Oregon builders risk insurance can is not limited to materials, supplies, labor, equipment, and other more physical aspects of the construction project. It can also protect your profits and will provide you with reimbursements in case you incurred a loss during the development period.

Identity Restoration

This coverage is for those who had their financial identity stolen. Costs incurred in an attempt to recover the accounts and repair credit score are conveniently reimbursed.

The Importance of Builders Risk Insurance

Taking advantage of builders risk insurance Oregon is highly recommended since properties are prone to damage and costs will inevitably pile up. Go for a coverage that will protect your project and investment, especially the parts of it that are commonly overlooked and missed. Never miss a coverage and get one that will work in your favor with the help of our commercial insurance brokers, who are experienced when it comes to providing expert guidance.

Cost of Builders Risk Insurance

An insurance policy that covers insurance during the course of construction will usually amount to about one to four percent of the total cost of the development project. This can either go up, down or get complicated depending on the exclusions and types of coverage you intend to get. Work with us so we can make the process easier and faster for you. Let us address any of your concerns regarding the insurance policy and we’ll make sure that all claims are expedited.

We are the Leading Choice for Builders Risk Insurance in Oregon

Take nothing but the best and work with us because we are the leading choice when it comes to COC insurance in Oregon. You will enjoy the right coverage for your business with the help of our friendly and experienced insurance brokers. All your insurance-related concerns and questions will be answered and accommodated so you can make crucial decisions armed with the right information.

We can proudly say we are the best choice for Oregon builders risk insurance because of our astonishing 96.4% client retention rate. This is solid proof of the excellent value and service we can provide you. You can also avail of our exclusive programs designed for privileged clients.

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