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Pennsylvania Builders Risk Insurance

Also referred to as Course of Construction insurance, builder’s risk insurance is a special type of risk management policy that protects property from damage costs during a construction project.

General contractors or property owners can look after their construction investment through builders risk insurance Pennsylvania. They can never go wrong with having some insurance coverage considering a financial investment is involved.

With that in mind, let us help you get the insurance coverage to protect your construction investment. You will certainly love our experienced and proficient insurance managers because they are more than willing to help you with your insurance and construction-related concerns.

Builders Risk Insurance Pennsylvania

A dependable insurance policy that offers valuable coverage for your construction project is a necessity, but it could prove tedious and complicated. You need to have an extensive understanding of the coverage, exclusions, and risks involved in the construction industry.

Luckily, you can get help from our insurance brokers to provide you with a comprehensive coverage written on an all-risk basis. This will hopefully include properties at the construction site, in transit, or stored in off-site locations.

What Pennsylvania Builders Risk Insurance Covers

With the help of our excellent insurance agents, get a Pennsylvania builders risk insurance that covers the following:


Structures or buildings inside the construction site are considered covered property in most risk management programs. Equipment, fixtures, foundations, machinery, materials, and supplies may also be covered depending on what was agreed upon in the insurance policy.

Equipment Breakdown

This insurance coverage type will reimburse the value equivalent to the cost of accidental and sudden damage to equipment. Additionally, builders risk insurance Pennsylvania can cover the cost of equipment replacement or repair during the course of the development project.

General Liability

Liability insurance coverage deals with property damage risks or legal claims that can come up at the time of the construction period. It also covers advertising injury and personal injury to others.

Ordinance and Law

Sometimes, property owners have no choice but to rebuild or repair their property if they are prompted by the enforcement of ordinance and municipal laws. These are usually done to raise the buildings to modern standards and strict structure codes. Costs incurred in this scenario are reimbursed through builders risk insurance.

Modular Components

When working on a construction project, some materials and equipment are installed or kept in a location far from the work site. These are usually referred to as modular components and may get covered by insurance policy. Protect these precious construction parts during transit or while they are kept in storage through a risk management program.


During the course of the construction project, contractors and construction firms will test newly installed equipment or structures to assess if they function according to standards. No need for parties involved to worry because costs are offset in the event of damage caused by electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, or hydrostatic testing.

Valuable Papers and Electronic Data

If valuable documents regarding the construction project got lost, Pennsylvania builders risk insurance will reimburse the monetary value of the lost data. This usually includes blueprints, schematics, paper documents, and electronic data.


Many property owners and contractors choose to take builders risk insurance Pennsylvania to protect their profits. This special type of insurance coverage gives pro-rata reimbursement equivalent to the profit they earned at the date of the loss.

Identity Restoration

This is a risk management coverage that protects against identity theft during the course of the construction period. It includes the costs of repairing and recovering financial or personal accounts.

The Importance of Builders Risk Insurance

Properties are susceptible to risks at the development site during the course of construction. This is why it is a practical investment to have Pennsylvania builders risk insurance. A dependable insurance program should cover construction-related risks that are relevant to your project.

This can get confusing and overwhelming so get in touch with our knowledgeable insurance agents to help you determine the builders risk coverage that will bring you the best value.

Cost of Builders Risk Insurance

The estimate for the amount of builder’s risk insurance is usually around one to four percent of the total cost of the construction project. This may vary depending on the type of coverage you availed yourself of as well as the exclusions you considered. You can move forward with confidence if you work with us. That is because we will guarantee that your available claims are expedited and possible claims are addressed.

We Are Unmatched When It Comes to Builders Risk Insurance in Pennsylvania

Protecting yourself with an insurance policy is not enough because you deserve only the best. With that being said, we are unmatched when it comes to builder’s risk insurance in Pennsylvania. Make the decision process easier by working with our risk management team who are willing to provide you with guidance for any question you may have.

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