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Why You Need Roofing Insurance In Pennsylvania

Do you understand the full risk of owning your own roofing business? Each day your roofers are subject to a variety of health hazards. Not only is this a danger to the roofer, it could cause your company major issues if you do not have the proper coverage.

Weather conditions are just one of these hidden hazards that roofers face. Weather is uncontrollable and can be harmful. For instance, hot Pennsylvania summers can take a major toll on a worker. Doing physical labor for long periods of time under the sun can cause roofers fatigue and faintness. These symptoms must be taken seriously when working construction, as workers are often at high heights and risk falling. In severe cases, workers may experience heat stroke. Skin damage and even skin cancer are other serious results of working in these outdoor conditions.

Physical labor is especially trying on a workers body and can account for a lot of the injuries roofers endure. A roofer must be fully capable of climbing, keeping their balance, and heavy lifting. Performing these actions continuously takes a toll on one’s body. Muscle strains and back issues are some of the minor injuries that are caused by lifting heavy tools and materials. Repetitive motion injuries like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are also results of the physical labor roofers are involved in daily.

Falls are a common accident that can happen in a construction site. When a roofer falls they are at risk of experiencing a number of serious injuries. If a worker falls from a ladder or roof and tries to land on their feet, the impact is likely to break their ankles or legs. Even more severe, a fall could cause them to suffer a broken hip or skull.

Undoubtedly, roofers take on an immense amount of risk on a daily basis. They are not the only ones in danger of being harmed in an accident, however. Any bystanders, like your clients, are also at risk by being in the vicinity of construction work. With large machinery and perilous power tools, anyone could be hurt. Even the fall of a roofer could harm a bystander if they were to be landed on.

Affordable Contractors Insurance knows that accidents are bound to happen. That is why we make it our goal to protect contractors at all costs. We only insure contractors, that way you know we have your best interest in mind.

ACI offers you the best roofing insurance in Pennsylvania, at the lowest cost guaranteed.

How Roofing Insurance Keeps Your Business Safe

When owning a roofing company, the probability of facing a serious accident is high. There are so many risks in this industry that must be prevented. In order to evade taking blame for these incidents, you need to be properly insured.

Like most states, the state of Pennsylvania requires that one have roofing insurance before taking on any projects or even being certified. Of course, one could go around these regulations, but at what cost? If you are not insured, your company could be dismantled permanently by the state.

Moreover, if you are operating without roofers insurance and an accident occurs, your company is at risk of facing liability lawsuits for all involved. A liability lawsuit can be extremely costly and therefore, disastrous for your roofing business. You could be put into debt trying to cover legal costs and compensation for injured parties.

To prevent your business from facing charges like these, you need to make sure that you are covered in every necessary area. At Affordable Contractors Insurance, our job is to stand by your side and protect your company in the case of a lawsuit. Our experienced insurance professionals work with you to create the perfect policy plan for you.

If you need to protect your company, get Roofing insurance through Affordable Contractors Insurance. You can rest assured that you are fully covered with ACI.

Your Unique Pennsylvania Roofers Insurance Plan with Affordable Contractors Insurance

Affordable Contractors Insurance provides you with a plan that is completely customizable. We have been operating for years and have extensive knowledge of the roofing industry. By working with a number of contracting companies around the country, ACI knows what policies are necessary.

Our insurance professionals are fully experienced and capable of creating a plan tailored to your business. We take the time to get to know you and your roofers so that we can offer insight when creating your plan. At ACI, we offer contractors insurance, roofing insurance, and general liability insurance to cover and needs you may have.

When you choose ACI as your roofing insurance, you can save up to 25 percent! Also, you will receive a certificate of insurance and your individual policy number within the same day that you get started!

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we even offer a down payment as little as 20 percent down. Give us a call today to get great coverage at the best price with ACI!

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