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Rhode Island Builders Risk Insurance

Builders risk insurance or Course of Construction (COC) is essential when protecting your investment in a project. This is a unique type of property insurance that protects structures and materials from damage costs. Do remember that the insurance policy only applies during the development or renovation period.

The specialized property insurance coverage will protect your construction project from catastrophes, fire, lightning, vandalism, and events that can damage properties. Get builders risk insurance Rhode Island to protect your financial investment in the building.

Any parties involved in the construction project can definitely benefit from COC insurance. Get the most out of your construction insurance policy with the help of our qualified insurance agents. They are more than willing to provide expert assistance with regards to your construction and insurance needs.

Builders risk insurance provides you with comprehensive coverage for all types of construction-related risks. Additionally, this type of property insurance is typically a requirement to comply with government regulations before parties can proceed to official contractual arrangements.

Builders Risk Insurance Rhode Island

A well-designed insurance policy that offers valuable coverage for your construction project is rare to find. Only our outstanding insurance experts can plan a coverage that suits your business the best. With their help, you can get a builders risk insurance Rhode Island that has the coverage you need and can anticipate risks associated with your business or project.

The insurance policy will be written on an all risk basis, covering all properties at the construction sites and those that are not. Materials and other supplies that are in transit or are kept in off-site storages are included. That way, you can rest easy on construction-related risks and shift your focus more on what is essential to your project.

What Rhode Island Builders Risk Insurance Covers

You deserve the best builders risk insurance in Rhode Island so make sure that the coverage includes the following:


A standard builders risk insurance Rhode Island policy will cover buildings or structures that are being developed in the construction project. It can extend to include equipment, fixtures, machinery, foundations, scaffolding, and other effects used in the development work.

Equipment Breakdown

Rhode Island builders risk insurance covers equipment breakdown during a renovation or construction project. This is especially crucial if your business or project is heavily dependent on equipment in order to function properly at all times. There is no knowing when a mechanical failure, artificially generated current, steam boiler explosion, and other accidents can occur. These may lead to your equipment breaking down and possibly affecting business or construction operations.

General Liability

This will help you deal with legal fees as a result of advertising injury, property damage to a commercial space, or personal injury to someone else.

Ordinance and Law

There are times when a building must be reconstructed or rebuilt due to enforced laws or ordinances. These are usually done to get the structure up to date with new construction guidelines. This will certainly prove costly for the property owner but that would not be much of a problem if the building is a covered property. That is because insurance coverage will gladly reimburse the cost of the reconstruction, so you don’t have to shell out anything.

Modular Components

Modular components used in the construction project are stored in off-site locations. Depending on your coverage, there is a chance that the said units are not considered covered property. However, you can include them in your insurance policy to protect them while in storage or while in transit to the work site.


Newly installed equipment or facilities are put to the test to prove their function or purpose. There is a possibility that it will not go down well regardless if it was a mechanical, electrical, hydrostatic, or pneumatic test. Fortunately, builders risk insurance Rhode Island will cover the damage costs that arise from any types of testing.

Valuable Papers and Electronic Data

A construction project makes use of schematics, paper documents, blueprints, and electronic data to organize and collect information. An insurance policy will cover costs to restore or research these important documents in the event that they get lost.


Anyone with a financial interest in the construction project can also choose to protect their profits. Insured parties can get pro-rata reimbursement of the profit during the start of the loss.

Identity Restoration

Ensure that you are protected from identity theft so that liabilities will be covered in the unfortunate event when this does happen. The insurance policy will cover the costs of repairing or restoring credit scores and financial accounts.

The Importance of Builders Risk Insurance

The construction industry is exposed to a number of risks that can lead to liabilities and delays. For this reason, it is important to protect your industrial project against such unexpected hazards. Let our professional and trained insurance agents provide you with guidance so that you can make an informed decision regarding your insurance coverage.

Cost of Builders Risk Insurance

An insurance policy usually costs around one to four percent of the total cost of the construction project. It will also depend on the exclusions and coverage you plan to get. This can get confusing real quickly, so work with our insurance experts to get you the Rhode Island builders risk insurance that covers everything that is important to you. They are recognized authorities in the insurance and construction industry. Their expertise in handling and investigation will help you expedite claims as well as tackle any issue that arises during the construction period.

The Authority When It Comes to Builders Risk Insurance in Rhode Island

Get only the best builders risk insurance in Rhode Island through our construction insurance experts. We can lend a hand so you can work with an insurance plan that covers what your project or business needs. Let us know if you have questions and we will gladly provide answers hoping to make the decision-making easier for you.

We are known for building the best long-term relationships with our clients. With a 96.4% client retention rate as proof, we are considered the authority in builders risk insurance for offering excellent value. We offer exclusive programs for clients who want to get the most out of the risk management structure.

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