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Why Every Rhode Island Roofing Company Needs Roofing Insurance

Do you own a roofing company? If so, it is important to understand the continuous risks that you and your company are facing. As this industry is full of hazards, you could be liable for any accidental injury or damages that impact your workers and clients. Without proper insurance, your company could be facing major loss if an incident were to occur.

Affordable Contractors Insurance knows that accidents happen and sometimes they are unavoidable. That is why we are here to protect you and your company from any potential threats. There are so many risks that your workers and clients are facing that you may not yet be aware of. It is our job to ensure that you have proper coverage to protect you from any looming incidents.

It is common knowledge that the contracting business can be very dangerous. Constant physical labor is bound to take a toll on workers. Each day at work, roofers are straining their body by bending over, climbing, and lifting. Lifting heavy materials and tools on a daily basis can cause long term back and joint damage. Repetitive motion injuries can also occur and may be much more severe. For example, injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis are common in roofers.

Maintaining one’s balance while on a ladder or on a roof is also strenuous. If a roofer were to fail at this and fall from such heights it could be detrimental to their body. Minor falls can leave workers with bruised bodies, open wounds, and even broken bones. If workers were to fall from the dangerously high heights that they are constantly exposed to, injuries would be much worse. Serious head injuries, like cracked skulls, and fatal spinal cord injuries are also likely to occur from these falls.

Slips and falls are responsible for most roofers’ injuries and have the potential to harm others as well. If a client or even a random bystander is near the construction site when a fall takes place they could be landed on or hit by falling tools or materials. Falling tiles and debris can hit and har anyone near a roof under construction.

Another hazard to roofers is weather, an element that cannot be controlled. As roofers must work outside, climate plays a big role in their health. Working long days in summer heat can have various effects on the body. Heat strokes are one serious condition that a roofer may experience. In even more serious cases, consistent sun damage may result in skin cancer.

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we only insure contractors. This means you can guarantee we have your best interest in mind. Make sure that you are prepared for any accidents your company may face, get great coverage with ACI.

Roofing Insurance Gives Your Company The Security It Needs

In Rhode Island, like most states, roofing insurance is required in order for a company to fully operate. That means you are unable to have a roofing license or take on your first project until you obtain proper coverage. Some may try to slide around these rules, however, if it is discovered that you are not insured, you could lose your business.

If getting busted by the state of Rhode Island is not enough to sway you, consider how having roofing insurance can actually benefit you. In fact, proof of good insurance can help your company grow. Companies with proper coverage tend to seem much more reliable and trustworthy to clients. This builds a positive company image and customers are more likely to recommend your services to others.

Affordable Contractors Insurance provides you with a safety net if any injury or damage were to occur. We offer contractor’s insurance, Roofing insurance, and general liability insurance to protect our contractors in every way there is.

With liability insurance, you are covered if anyone were to file a liability lawsuit against your business. These lawsuits are dreadful, as they have the power to shift all responsibility of an incident to your company. Such allegations could leave your company’s image and finances in shambles.

ACI insurance plans protect you from taking on these incidents alone. With proper coverage, your company is safe from taking responsibility for compensation and paying expensive legal bills.

Build Your Own Rhode Island Roofers Insurance Plan

Affordable Contractors Insurance has been in the contractors insurance industry for years. By working with various roofing businesses around the country, we have gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience in the field. Our skillful insurance experts are fully equipped to build the perfect insurance plan for you.

At ACI, we help you piece together a roofing insurance policy that fits specifically to your company’s needs. If you are concerned that someone may file a claim for personal injury or property damage, Affordable Contractors Insurance has got you covered.

Keep in mind that we only provide insurance to contractors. Therefore, roofing insurance is designed to protect you and your employees, not the clients you do work for. Having proper roofing insurance is a key part of any roofers business protection strategy.

Give us a call today to save up to 25 percent on your individual roofing policy. Do not deny your business this necessary form of protection.

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