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Why South Dakota Roofing Contractor Insurance Is A Must

Roofing is no doubt one of the riskiest and dangerous jobs in the world. Roofers deal with danger in almost every aspect of their job. Whether it is the height at which they work, or the tools and machines they work with, the possibility of becoming injured is always present.

Many people have a huge fear of heights, but for roofers they have to be fearless in this aspect as they work from heights all day long. No matter if it’s a shed that is a few feet off the ground, or a building with multiple stories, a fall is still always a risk that is present.
Any wrong step or slip could result in a roofer slipping and falling off the roof. A fall can range from a scratch or sprain on a bone all the way to broken bones, depending on the height at which one falls from. And any injury could leave a roofer out of work for weeks to months to recover. And in serious falls, roofers may succumb to their injuries, making the fall deadly.

Roofers also handle and use tools that can easily harm them if misused or accidentally stepped or sat on. Typically roofers use hammers, knives and nail guns on a daily basis and any one of those can easily cause damage to a roofer if an accident occurs.

Outside elements such as the sun also are another factor that roofers have to endure while on the job. And for roofers working in the summertime, the sun can be particularly brutal. Along with it being extremely hot outside, roofers have to be cautious in staying hydrated and healthy as they are at risk of getting heat stroke or heat exhaustion. They may also develop skin cancer after years in the sun if they are not protecting themselves properly.

Roofers working on the roof seem like they would be the only ones at risk of getting injured on the job, but their colleagues on the ground, as well as pedestrians, bystanders and pets could be in the line of danger. If a roofer falls off the roof, they could land on a person or pet, not only harming themselves, but the person/pet they land on as well. Roofers, as well as tools, can also fall onto property, such as a car, A/C unit or pool pump, and easily damage it.

Like any other type of situation where someone gets hurt or property gets damaged, you are going to be subjected to an angry customer or worker and they will most likely file a lawsuit or claim against you for the damage or injuries they sustained. A roofer or customer will want to seek compensation for their medical bills or damage replacement cost as restitution. And if you do not have roofing insurance, you could see a lot of your money going toward that lawsuit or claim and you have no safety net.

However, by getting insurance for roofers in South Dakota from Affordable Contractors Insurance, you will be able to rest easy knowing you will be covered in any situation that can occur.

Owning a roofing company is no easy task and getting a lawsuit or claim filed against your business can really drain your funds. But by getting roofing insurance, you will have backup with ACI on your side.

Why You Need South Dakota Roofers Contractor Insurance

Affordable Contractors Insurance has top-notch roofing liability insurance that will protect you in the event an accident causes injury or property damage while roofers are on the job. Roofing liability insurance will protect you and your business when something occurs and your company is at fault. We have insurance for aspects such as our cars, health, etc., so getting it for roofing seems like a safe bet.

At ACI, we want to help you and be there for you when that accident occurs. We know we do not live in a perfect world and something is bound to occur, so we want you to be prepared for anything.

At ACI, we help cover any payments that you may be forced to pay, that way you can worry about your business and not about your funds being depleted. Along with compensation having to be paid out, you will most likely hire an attorney to help with your case and with an attorney comes attorney fees. ACI will help cover those fees as well and any other legal fees that may pop up.

We get to know you to ensure we can provide the best insurance policy for your business. We are here to be your safety net and will help you every step of the way.

When you get South Dakota roofing insurance through ACI, you not only get protection but a seal of approval from potential clients. By simply getting insurance, you are showing clients that you are responsible and that makes you more likely to get hired on jobs. So by making the investment in insurance, you will gain more profit through adding trust to your business.

Get the Right South Dakota Roofers Insurance with Affordable Contractors Insurance

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we have been in the contracting business for many years and have ample knowledge in that industry, as well as the insurance industry. Our extensive knowledge and experience puts us at the top of our game in getting roofers the right insurance for their business.

Are you looking for commercial or residential insurance? No problem! ACI gladly offers that along with new and existing construction insurance, as well as open roof coverage and uninsured sub endorsements.

At ACI, we not only want to get to know your business, but we look to build a lasting relationship with our clients. Tell us more about your company and who you are and that will allow us to find the right insurance policy for your and your company.

Give us a call today and see how ACI can save you 15% or more on your policy! Our high-quality insurance coverage will be beneficial in your business and allow you to rest easy knowing you are always covered.

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your South Dakota roofing insurance today.

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