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We know firsthand, roofing contractors in Texas face risks every day getting out of bed and heading to the job site. Accident or not, there is only one way to protect yourself, and that is with the proper contractors insurance.

Beyond physical injury, roofers are also exposed to the risk of hurting other people or damaging clients’ property. Accidents that lead to the misuse of tools or materials could end up falling and hitting the someone below, or causing damage to other property.

If you are a professional roofer, you need Texas roofing insurance. Whatever the financial and legal costs of the claims being made against you, you can rest easy knowing your policy will cover them. However, if you are not insured, you and your business could be in deep trouble. The financial hit alone could sink you and your business for good.

If you’re not insured, or if you’re looking to save money on your current policy, now would be a great time to call us at Affordable Contractors Insurance. We will help you get the best possible roofers insurance that Texas has to offer.

Residential & Commercial Texas Roofers Insurance

In the US, 21 of 50 states require that roofing contractors have licenses. Texas is one of those states that do NOT require their roofers to be licensed. Getting licensed to be a roofer in Texas is voluntary. However, Texas does require roofers to have a general liability insurance policy, and ACI has the capability to help you comply with those Texas roofing contractors insurance requirements.

Accidents happen when you’re working on a home’s roof, but the proper residential roofing insurance in Texas should cover the cost of any claim. The financial and legal cost of such claims almost always cripples a roofing business, but not when it’s protected by a general liability policy.

Aside from providing you coverage for injury or property damage claims, holding a policy for commercial roofing insurance in Texas makes you a much more attractive option for clients. While some business owners choose to go with uninsured roofing contractors to potentially save a little money, it is almost a certainty that the larger firms want any type of contractor they work with to have insurance. Businessmen are completely aware of the liabilities they would be exposed to if they hire uninsured roofers, so they make sure that they are protected as well by contracting only those with proper roofers insurance.

Get the Right Coverage from Affordable Contractors Insurance

For a roofing professional, protecting your business is a priority. Before anything untoward happens at any roofing job for which you’re responsible, contact us at Affordable Contractors Insurance so you can get the coverage you need.

The beauty of getting your roofing insurance from ACI is that, for a down payment of as little as 20%, you can get your hands on an affordable, high-coverage policy. Since we only insure contractors, we have a deep understanding of the specific insurance needs of any roofer or contractor. When you present your requirements, we promise that you will get one that is customized to the needs of your roofing business.

Spare yourself the agony of having to see your resources drained from a personal injury or property damage claim against you, get a roofing insurance policy and transfer the burden to an insurance company. Call us today at 888-505-9012 for your free quote!

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