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Utah Builders Risk Insurance

Buildings are prone to many external threats such as fires, floods, vandalism, storms, etc. This situation is worse for buildings under construction as they are more vulnerable while the damage can get costlier.

To avoid this issue, it is advisable to have Utah builders risk insurance. Consult our insurance agents for proper risk analysis, and they will help protect your properties from potential threats that every construction project comes up against.

This construction-related insurance is designed to mitigate losses from damage to unfinished buildings. General contractors, subcontractors, land owners, and other parties funding the project can benefit highly from the policy. However, some contractors get it so they have more control over how the project is insured.

Risk insurance is designed specifically for buildings undergoing new construction, not renovation or improvement projects. It offers comprehensive coverage against property damage and related risks. It is also a requirement to comply with government regulations and contractual agreements.

Builders Risk Insurance Utah

It is easy to get Utah builders risk insurance, but it may not cover everything you need for your undergoing building construction. The insurance is usually written on an all-risk basis. It applies to all properties and materials within the construction premises, in transit, and those stored in off-site locations. To better understand what needs to be covered, ask for help from our experienced risk management experts.

What Utah Builders Risk Insurance Covers

With the help of our team of professionals, plan your builders risk insurance properly to include the following:


Your policy should cover the buildings and structures at the construction site. It also includes equipment, fixtures, foundations, machinery, and other tools used for the project. Lastly, building materials and supplies are also compensated because they are considered permanent parts of the building.

Equipment Breakdown

Numerous accidents can happen within the construction site that cause property damage such as the explosion of steam boilers, artificially-generated current, mechanical breakdown of covered equipment, and other mishaps.

General Liability

This coverage will protect you against legal liabilities from others who intend to capitalize on an unfavorable situation through advertising injury, property damage, personal injury, and other similar means.

Ordinance and Law

The government can unexpectedly implement ordinances and laws that force building owners to renovate or modify buildings under construction. Include this precaution to cover costs brought about by this situation so that you won’t incur losses.

Modular Components

Some materials or modular units are stored in off-site locations, which means the policy does not automatically cover them. You can modify your coverage plan to include them to protect these important materials while they are outside the construction site or in transit.


Testing newly installed equipment runs the risk of damaging property. A builders risk insurance should cover the loss in case of accidents brought by electrical, hydrostatic, mechanical, pneumatic, and other forms of testing.

Valuable Papers and Electronic Data

Blueprints, schematics, electronic, and paper documents contain valuable construction project information. For this reason, losing these documents would prove costly and stressful for the partners involved. Builders risk insurance Utah offers compensation to restore, recover, replace, or research such documents if they get unintentionally lost.


When you incur losses while the construction project is still ongoing, you may recover a pro-rata reimbursement of profits you have earned as of the date of the loss. This favorable situation can happen if you include profits in your builders risk insurance Utah policy.

Identity Restoration

Costs to recover or restore stolen identity and personal documents will be compensated by this policy. This is a great addition if you want to protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft.

The Importance of Builders Risk Insurance

The Utah weather can be harsh on buildings and materials, so it is wise to invest in builders risk insurance. Work with our seasoned insurance agents to help you get coverage that protects your investments from construction-related risks. We’ll guide you through the process for a seamless experience.

Cost of Builders Risk Insurance

If you are curious about the cost of builders risk insurance in Utah, it can go from one to four percent of the project’s total construction cost. The price may increase or decrease depending on the inclusions or exclusions you deem necessary.

We know you deserve the best, so we strive to help you get the best policy that suits your needs. Additionally, we guarantee that all claims are expedited and other potential claims that can work to your benefit are also included.

We are the Top Choice for Builders Risk Insurance in Utah

Count on us to provide you with the best builders risk insurance in Utah that covers unforeseen risks. Work with our experienced insurance agents to help you get the right coverage for your business. Our team would love to answer any questions to make the process easier.

We have the reputation of being the number one most affordable insurance provider. Additionally, we have a client retention rate of 96.4%, which speaks volumes about the excellent service we deliver. Our valued clients can also enjoy exclusive programs that enhance the superior coverage we offer.

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