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Roofers do not have an easy, safe job. They are subjected daily to numerous hazards daily and often risk their lives to ensure our roofs are safe and functional–protecting us from harmful outside elements.

Probably the most dangerous aspect of their job is working from heights. A lot of people are afraid of heights, but for roofers, this is an everyday aspect of their job that they can not avoid. At any time, they could easily slip or trip on the roof, ladder or scaffold and fall onto the ground below. Whether it is concrete, rocks or grass, a fall from any height, especially hundreds of feet, can cause major injuries.

Roofers also use many toxic chemicals and hot tars that if exposed onto their skin, can cause devastating burns. Another way they can get burned is if they accidentally hit exposed wires that could electrocute/burn them.

Probably the most likely way they can get burned is by the sun. They are exposed to the sun’s unforgiving rays on a daily basis, which can produce sunburns and even lead to skin cancer later on. The sun in the summertime also is extremely unbearable. Working under extreme heat can cause a roofer to develop a heat stroke or heat exhaustion– which could be life threatening.

Roofers also use a variety of tools that if not handled properly or get misplaced, could cause injuries. For example, if a nail gun gets misplaced or accidentally goes off, it could hit a roofer and cause severe damage wherever it hits.

Although one may think that only roofers actually work on a roof are the ones that can get injured, that is wrong. Anyone on the ground can easily be in the line of fire if a roofer, tool, hot tar or chemical falls off the roof and onto them, causing them to get injured. And property, such as pool pumps, a/c units, care and shed can also get damaged if in route of the fallen person or object.

And the chance of the person who gets injured or property gets damaged being angry and filing a lawsuit against you is pretty high. They will most likely want to seek compensation for the damages and or hospital/medical bills they had due to the accident.

A lawsuit or claim will also be expensive. The customer may seek extensive compensation and deplete your business of funds. But, If you have insurance for roofers in Wisconsin from Affordable Contractors Insurance, you will be covered during the lawsuit and have peace of mind knowing we will be there every step of the way.

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Affordable Contractors Insurance is the best roofing insurance company in all of Wisconsin. Our roofing liability coverage is a must to your business insurance plan.

At ACI, we know accidents will happen. No one is perfect and accidents are OK. That is why we formed this company, to be there for roofing contractors like you when you need us the most. Whether a person is injured or property gets damaged and your company is liable for it, ACI will be there to protect you financially.

We will help with the cost of legal fees such as attorney fees, filing fees and investigator fees. And most importantly, Affordable Contractors Insurance will help cover any compensation the judge rules you to order if you lose the lawsuit.

Our insurance professionals take their time getting to know you and your business and what you need in a policy. We will tailor a policy specifically to your needs and wants so you are covered under any aspect.

It is also good to know that it is proven that roofers that get insurance get more clientele. Why? It shows you are responsible and provides trust in you with clients. So insurance is definitely an investment that will pay off in the future. Not to mention, some states legally require you to have it in order to be operating!

Wisconsin Roofers Insurance with Affordable Contractors Insurance

Affordable Contractors Insurance is the leading contractor insurance in the nation. With many years under our belt serving contractors just like you, we know we have the right knowledge and experience to formulate the perfect policy you are looking for.

We offer a multitude of insurance policies including: commercial, residential, new and existing, open roof coverage and uninsured sub endorsements.

ACI can save you more than 15% on your policy compared to our competitors and we are even offering a down payment for as little as 20%! !

Give us a call today and our insurance experts will gladly answer any questions you may have and welcome you to the ACI family.

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your Wisconsin roofing insurance today.

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