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Why Should Contractors Have Insurance?

For tradesmen with specialized knowledge and skills, it’s only a matter of time before they consider launching their own contracting business. With all the benefits that come with being a contractor, we can say with certainty that it is an excellent career path to take. You stand to earn more than if you settled with being an employee, for one. By providing exceptional service to clients, you also get to build a reputation as a top name in your industry.

Insurance Helps Contractors Operate Successfully

However, you’re going to need more than your skills to be able to operate a successful business as a contractor. You should most definitely, among other things, invest in contractors insurance. However, there are still many uninsured (and likely unlicensed) contractors offering their services all over the country.

Avoid Devastating Claims with Contractors Insurance

It’s not uncommon to come across news reports talking about people claiming to be roofers and offering homeowners the chance to repair their roof at a very low price. As it turned out, they were nothing but fake roofers scamming homeowners out of thousands of dollars. Had the victims checked and verified if the “roofing contractors” had a license and proof of roofers insurance, they would know right away that they’re being targeted by a scam. Having proper contractors insurance is a sure-fire way of establishing that you are the genuine business, operating with the utmost care.

Thankfully, most homeowners and commercial clients have already wised up these days. When looking for contractors to do a job, they only interview duly licensed and adequately insured professionals. If you can’t show verifiable proof that you’re licensed to offer whatever service you’re offering and have the right contractors insurance policies, you can’t expect to be hired. Check out the infographic below if you want more reasons a contractor should have insurance.

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