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Why You Should Fulfill General Contractor Insurance Requirements

As a general contractor, you might take on jobs ranging from one-room renovations to full custom builds. You’ll want to make sure you have a contractor’s insurance policy that will be sufficient to meet liability claims in all of those situations. Otherwise, you may face out-of-pocket costs that could sabotage your company’s performance.

Affordable Contractors Insurance provides the type of premium coverage you need in the amounts that will allow you to keep each project fully insured. Since we’re solely dedicated to insuring contractors, we’re familiar with your unique insurance needs.

Once you become insured with one of our effective insurance options, you can protect your business from many financial losses. We take on the liability from claimants who seek damages from your contracting company. This allows you to continue doing business without the stress and worry that comes with responding to legal claims.

What Your Insurance Will Include

There are several different ways that the liability coverage in your contractor’s insurance policy will protect your business. Learning more about the benefits of this coverage will help you see why it’s important for the financial security of your business, in addition to helping you meet legal requirements.

First, this premium coverage will protect you against many types of lawsuits. If a customer or a third party gets injured on your job site, the policy will cover the costs of the injured person’s medical care. Since medical treatment can cost thousands of dollars for just minor injuries, this coverage could save you a considerable amount.

Second, the policy covers property damage. If your customer’s property becomes damaged as a result of an accident on the job site, the costs of repairing that damage will be covered.

Why Contractors Coverage

Without liability insurance, you would have to use your own resources to make those repairs. This means you would have to pay for the costs of materials and labor, taking resources away from projects that you rely on for your income.

Finally, there may be rare situations in which the claimant won’t accept a settlement. If that happens, you’ll have to go through a costly and lengthy civil court proceeding. You can handle the lawsuit more easily when your liability coverage pays your attorney and court fees.

We can also ensure you have enough coverage to pay most judgments that could be levied against you after a court case. Although it’s impossible to predict the exact value of a liability claim, we have the experience to accurately estimate the value of potential claims. This allows us to suggest a suitable amount of coverage for your business.

Affordable Contractors Insurance Is Our Number One Priority!

We Offer Long-Term Liability Coverage

Long after you finish working on a job site, you may be liable for injuries or property damages that stem from the work you performed.

When a client or others suffer harm related to work you have done, they might file a claim against you. If your policy doesn’t provide long-term liability coverage, you might not have the resources to defend against this type of claim.

Even with the most experienced construction team, mistakes will happen. Claims after a project is finished are more common than you might think. Improperly mounted moldings, gas leaks from poorly secured fittings, and similar errors in completing a renovation or new construction can lead to liability claims.

Long-term liability coverage will give you an added layer of protection if something like this occurs.

Affordable Contractors Insurance provides long-term liability coverage in our standard contractors’ policies. You can use this type of liability coverage just as you would use the general liability coverage in your policy. You will similarly have premium coverage for claims for injuries and property damage as well as coverage for your legal fees.

Affordable Contractors Insurance Is a Name You Can Trust

We’re dedicated to providing the best effective insurance options at rates you can afford. Whether you have a small, local contracting business or serve clients throughout a larger region, we will offer you a policy tailored to meet your needs. Our expertise in insuring contractors helps us deliver the protection that a thorough policy provides.

If you’re ready to start an affordable insurance policy that meets all of your contracting company’s needs, contact us today. We’ll ask you to answer a few brief questions and use your information to create a policy estimate just for you. Within a few minutes, you’ll have a general contractor’s policy that will cover you in every situation.

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Here’s what you’ll get with Affordable Contractors Insurance

We take pride in customizing your general liability insurance policy to meet your exact needs which means we can all feel comfortable knowing your business is covered in the event of an accident or alleged injury or property damages.

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