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Why Texas Contractors Need Insurance

No one wants mishaps to occur especially under your watch, but they do happen. Even when you put preventive measures in place, accidents still take place. So workers get hurt, clients or random people could get hurt or worse, or your client’s property sustained some damage because of the negligent action of your worker. When any of the above happens, who do you think would be blamed?

That’s right. You, the contractor, are a hundred percent liable for anything that could go wrong in a job that your company has been contracted to perform.

Since you are liable, clients and other people affected by any mishap of your workers’ doing can and will file damage claims against you in court. The claims will be pretty steep financially, and if you had to pay for them from your own pocket, you might as well close down your business for good.

However, if you get insurance for general contractors in Texas, you have protection that will ensure your company’s survival despite any financial or legal claim against you.

If you comply with all general contractor insurance requirements Texas authorities are imposing, your company will also become very attractive in the eyes of potential clients. After all, residential clients these days are already smarter. Many of them hire only contractors with Texas home builder insurance because it gives them the assurance that they will be compensated for any personal injury or property damage your company’s work on their homes may cause. When you have contractors insurance, everyone involved in any transaction is guaranteed some peace of mind.

Fulfill Your Texas Construction Insurance Requirements With Us

There are many companies out there that provide contractors insurance, but none of them offer insurance policies like we do. We’ll prove it.

We are Affordable Contractors Insurance, and we never fail to live up to that name. Many of our clients will attest to the affordability and wide coverage of our contractor insurance policies.

There is also the fact that providing contractors insurance is our specialty. That said, you can be sure that we completely understand how complex your business insurance needs can get, and that makes us more than qualified to provide you the exact contractors insurance coverage that your business needs.

When you talk to us about a contractors insurance policy, we will base our offer on the exact requirements that you present to us. In short, everything about your policy will be customized down to the last detail. That way, you will have exactly the coverage that you want.

We take into account several factors when determining the cost of your contractors insurance policy. Gross sales, the number of employees, the total cost of your payroll, and sub-contractor costs will figure in the final price for your contractors policy. The type of contract work that you do may also be a factor for your yearly insurance premiums.

We offer programs exclusive to contractors. If you want to know more about them, just call us at Affordable Contractors Insurance and speak to a live agent who will give you all the information you need. You will be pleased to know that in just a few minutes, you will have your on a competitive quote that will help you make a decision.

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