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Small Business Contractors Need Insurance to Get Big Bids

99.7% of America’s employers own small businesses, ones that employ 500 or less workers. These companies offer an excellent opportunity for you to get bids on roofing projects. It’s essential that when you meet with decision makers at these firms that you are prepared to close the deal. You can do this by taking these steps.

Roofing Insurance and Licenses

You need to bring copies of your contractors insurance policy and licenses with you when meeting with the decision maker. Your general liability insurance provides excellent coverage to your clients, and you should point that out. Your workers compensation gives your customers added value by releasing them from liability for your workers. Your licenses prove that you have the certified skills to do the job.

Meet with the Decision Maker

Use your contacts in the local community, through organizations that you belong to or via social media like Facebook. Ideally, your contact should be someone, who can speak to your skills on the job, like a customer or colleague. Your contact should also be well acquainted with the decision maker.

Your Website

Your website will probably be the first introduction the decision maker has to your company. Your website should be updated and professionally done. It should also contain endorsements from customers and links to third-party endorsements; such as manufacturers, Angie’s List or other organizations. You should also include what your niche is, what projects you’ve done, any specialized training and links to your social media like Facebook.

Listen and Ask Questions

Focus on the decision maker and find out what he wants in a new roof. Ask what the timeline is. Find out what concerns the decision maker has concerning the installation of the roof. Discover what style roof the decision maker wants, and what budget constraints that he may have. Take notes or record the session.

Your Presentation

In your sales pitch, explain what value-added features your company has versus the competition. You might cite projects that you’ve worked on at similar type buildings. You will want to mention expertise you have working with the roofing material discussed, such as your experience or any special training you have working with metal roofs. You will re-enforce the fact that you have roofing insurance with general liability and workers compensation coverage. If you can come in on budget within the designated timeline, it’s crucial that you state this information clearly. Finally, you should outline the step by step process that will take place with the roof installation.


Follow up within a few days with an email and a phone call. Your email should precede your phone call. In the email, you need to address any questions or objections that were brought up in the meeting with the decision maker. You would also include in your email any links to websites that would interest the decision maker. For example, you might send info on building codes or material choices. You could also have a plan for the installation of that roof and any documents relevant to the process. In your phone call, you should ask if there are any other questions.


In conclusion, you need to listen to the decision maker and discern what his needs are. You must show the value-added features of your company, and how those features make you the most desirable choice. Your roofing insurance, licenses, experience and knowledge as well as your presence on the Internet should persuade the decision maker to give you the bid.


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