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Tin Roof

The association that most people have with a tin roof is seeing them on a barn or an industrial structure. A tin roof has been looked down on because of the loud sounds that they emit during a rain storm. Aesthetically the appearance that a tin roof makes, is not pleasing to eye. What’s helping tin roofs gain popularity is their durability and price.

Local Building Codes

Before you start installing a tin roof, check the local building codes. A number of communities do not allow a tin roof to be used on a house. Some building codes will let you install a tin roof on a shed or garage. With the restrictions that building codes enforce, they may have other regulations regarding measurements and specifications. To be-up-to code, you need to make sure that you have followed the letter of the law.

Tin Roof Types

Selecting the type of tin roof is the first step in installing a tin roof. Where putting on a tin roof is not a common task, you may need to bone up on the types of tin roof materials that are available. There are two types of tin roofing R-panel, which require nails; and V-crimp style, which doesn’t call for nails.

You also need to determine which type of material is right for the customer and the roof. The choice of materials will be ultimately in the hands of your customers. Your role is to give them your expert advise in the selection process.


Measurements are key to getting the correct amount of materials for the job. Experts suggest you “measure the roof length and width to determine how much edging that you will need. They also advise that you measure the roof height by adding 2-4 inches for the overhang.”

Removing The Existing Roof

Unlike many metal roofs that you can shingle over the existing roof, a tin roof requires a tear down off the old roof. It not only requires you to remove existing roof shingles, but also take down the roof structure to the planking.This means that the coverings, which backs the roofing shingles, must be gotten rid of.

Tin Roof Panels

With a tin roof, you need to install slats. It’s advised that you space the slats at two feet intervals. The slats are used to secure the panels of the tin roof. The panels overlap each other and are attached to the slats by using 1/4 inch nails at a distance of every two feet.


For many roofers, installing a tin roof is a new experience. Before you take on a tin roof project, you need to be prepared. The tin roof requires much more labor than a conventional metal roof. You also need to study up on the local building code to make sure that you are compliant.

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