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Home Renovation

Taking on a project like renovating your home can be very challenging especially if you make renovation mistakes. It requires the homeowner and you to make a myriad of choices. It includes choosing flooring, tiles, fixtures and wall coverings, just to name a few of the choices. It also demands that you give the homeowner guidance on what materials make sense to use, given their vision for their house and how this vision fits into their budget and lifestyle. If you don’t contribute your expertise to the decision making process, it’s possible that the end result may not measure up for you and your client.


A plan for the renovation is crucial. If you don’t make a plan, it’s a mistake. Without a plan, you will not be able to organize the many tasks involved. Without a plan, you may find that your workers are performing tasks out of sequence. You may also run the risk of not staying in budget and not finishing the project on time.


When house is flooded, it entails major renovation to get the home back in good shape. What contractors sometimes forget is to take the necessary steps to insure workers’ safety:

  • Make sure the electricity has been shut off.
  • Check out the house to ensure the house is safe to work in.
  • Keep in mind that the flood water is tainted with germs and bacteria.
  • Be on the lookout for animals that may have been attracted to the house because of the flood waters.
  • Provide protective gear such as organic vapor respirator, rubber gloves and protective eyewear and clothing.
  • Understand that almost every thing below the water line will need to be tossed rather than repaired.
  • Don’t start to rebuild until the house has been dried out.


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