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As the head of your roofing company, safety and protection are just as important to you as maintaining insurance coverage at a lower cost.

Affordable Contractors Insurance will help you meet all of those factors in one bundled policy. We can offer you a policy that will protect you against personal injury and property damage claims without forcing you to overspend for the coverage.

Unlike other insurance providers, we only cover general contractors and roofing contractors. This means we have the experience and knowledge needed to create effective insurance options and a customized policy for your needs. You won’t get burdened with coverage that doesn’t apply to your business, and you’ll pay only for the types of coverage you need.

Roofing Contractors Insurance Protects YOU and Your Roofers

When you’re ready to learn more about the services we provide to roofing contractors, give us a call. A live agent with thorough knowledge of our services will connect with you immediately.

When you speak with one of our agents, you can ask any questions that might be on your mind. In addition to providing you with answers, the agent will give you an accurate and quick estimate. You’ll be able to finalize your coverage during that phone call.

Keep in mind that delays can end up costing you significantly. If an employee gets injured or your equipment becomes damaged while you’re uninsured, you may not have the resources to cover the associated costs. A brief phone call is all it takes to help you protect your roofing company.

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How Our Roofers’ Insurance Protects Your Company

Even though your job site will change from project to project, your insurance coverage should remain consistent. Affordable Contractors Insurance provides the liability coverage you need to protect your company during any project. You’ll receive protection that will allow you to respond to any injury or damaged property.

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Residential Roofers Insurance Near You

It’s difficult to know what to expect when you’re fixing or replacing the roof of a residential home. You’ll need premium coverage for the costs of medical care for an injured employee, but what will you do if a third party gets injured in a work area?

Suppose that a child stumbles into a hazardous area or a guest of the homeowner trips on scrap materials and injures themselves in a fall. In situations like these, it’s important to have sufficient roofing liability insurance to cover injury claims.

Our roofers insurance will also cover you if equipment or materials get damaged while you’re working on a home. A comprehensive liability policy will cover the costs of repair or replacement so your company can keep operating without extensive delays.

That is the very reason why roofers must have insurance for their business. It is the only way to be completely prepared for any claims that may come their way.

Commercial Roofers Insurance

If your roofing company provides commercial or industrial roofing services, you will need additional coverage. Your business clients will require that you maintain a certain level of insurance coverage before they will allow you to provide roofing services. Affordable Contractors Insurance will help you meet those requirements at a reasonable cost.

Since there will be more people in a business than in a residential building, there’s a higher risk that someone will suffer an injury. Many commercial or industrial businesses have these requirements in place to make sure you can address the increased risks of an accident. We’ll help you maintain sufficient insurance coverage to meet those increased risks.

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We Offer More than Insurance Requirements

While Affordable Contractors Insurance will help you meet requirements outlined by laws and the regulations of individual clients, we’ll do more for you than just provide certificates of insurance. We provide the most coverage at the lowest costs to help you make sure your insurance policy is enough to protect your business.

Additionally, you can count on us in an emergency. When you have questions or need to speak to a representative, give us a call. You’ll be speaking with a live agent within minutes. While other insurance providers might put you through a series of recordings before you’re connected with a real person, Affordable Contractors Insurance will never make it difficult to contact a live agent.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Our live agents help us reach that goal by making sure the contractors who insure with us are completely satisfied with each interaction.

Whether you own a small, family-operated roofing company or are a larger roofing contractor with multiple offices, we want to provide the highest quality of customer service to you.

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Let ACI Help You With Your Roofing Contractor Insurance Requirements

While we provide liability insurance that will cover the costs of medical care and property damage for your customers, keep in mind that our insurance will meet your unique needs.

By protecting your customers, we’re helping you safeguard your business. You’ll spend less time worrying about lawsuits and angry customers when you have the right insurance.

ACI Provides The Protection Your Roofing Company Needs & Deserves

Finally, you’ll keep your business prepared for every eventuality with effective insurance options from Affordable Contractors Insurance. Even when you’re not faced with an on-site accident, we will help you make sure your business is eligible to operate in your state and bid on commercial jobs.

Whether you need a new insurance policy or are unhappy with your current insurance provider, give us a call.