South Carolina Roofing Contractors Insurance

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South Carolina Roofers Insurance

As a roofing contractor, you’re literally at the top of the construction field. Don’t you deserve the same quality in an insurance provider? Affordable Contractors Insurance can provide South Carolina roofers insurance coverage at an affordable price, all while maintaining a superior standard of safety and protection.

Protection You Can Count On

Injuries and accidents can leave you without the equipment or personnel you’ll need to get the job done. These delays can cost you — and if you fail to meet your contract deadlines, you can quickly earn a negative public reputation.

South Carolina roofing contractors insurance is designed to protect your workers, your job site, and your budget. Affordable Contractors Insurance specializes in policies for contractors and roofers, so we can build a policy tailored to your unique needs.

Residential Roofing Insurance in South Carolina

Think of the risks and hazards associated with a residential construction project. You need to protect not only your employees from job site injuries but also the homeowner, children, and pets from accidents arising from outdoor debris. You’ll need sufficient liability coverage to protect you from any event that comes your way.

With residential roofing insurance in South Carolina, you can be confident that your employees and equipment will also receive comprehensive coverage. That way, even if the unexpected should happen, you can continue working without costly delays.

Commercial Roofing Insurance in South Carolina

Roofers who service commercial buildings have additional safety concerns to consider. With more people coming and going from a commercial building (employees, customers, etc.), there’s a greater risk of injury or damage to sensitive business equipment.

Affordable Contractors Insurance can provide commercial roofing insurance in South Carolina to protect you from these added risks.

Additionally, many commercial enterprises require that their contractors maintain a sufficient insurance policy. With coverage in place, you’ll have an easier time securing bids and scaling your roofing business.

Affordable South Carolina Roofers Insurance Coverage

Affordable Contractors Insurance focuses exclusively on contractors and roofing companies, so you can know you’re receiving coverage from a company that understands the industry. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay premium prices.

Roofing contractors can secure a policy for as little as 20% down. But the process starts when you call and speak with one of our agents. We can create a policy that fits the needs of your business and provide a quick, accurate estimate. You can even finalize your estimate over the phone, getting your coverage started that much faster.

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Affordable Contractors Insurance is a family-owned business that believes that safety and quality don’t have to take a backseat to value. We provide the best insurance at the lowest cost — which may be why we enjoy a 96.4% retention rate.

When you pursue South Carolina roofing contractors insurance through ACI, you’ll also gain support you can depend on. Call us and you’ll speak with a live agent. Even in an emergency, we’ll connect you with a live agent within minutes.

Get a free quote today — contact Affordable Contractors Insurance to speak with an agent who specializes in roofers insurance for South Carolina businesses.

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