Statement of Qualifications for Roofing Contractors

Statement of Qualifications for Roofing Contractors

by Marie King

Statement of qualifications for roofing contractors

Statement of Qualifications

As roofing contractors, you would probably need to fill out a statement of qualifications if you are bidding on a major corporate or non-profit project. The info required for this document is extensive and time consuming. The good thing about doing a statement of qualifications is that it forces you to compile the information about your business and put it in one place.

Status of Company

Besides the contact information for roofing contractors, the statement of qualifications ask for the status of your company. Are you a corporation, partnership. etc. You will be asked what the address, email, phone number and fax for your major address. If you have more than one address, then you need to supply the information for the other addresses.

Major Suppliers

The statement of qualifications want to know what suppliers roofing contractors use. The list includes the contact name, address and telephone. The list is fairly extensive because it covers all your supplier contacts.

Type of Business

The statement of qualifications wants to know from roofing contractors. “2 How many years has your organization been in business as a Roofing Contractor? 3 How many years has your organization been in business under its present business name? 4 If a corporation, answer the following: Date of incorporation: State of incorporation: President’s name: Vice President’s name: Secretary’s name: Treasurer’s name: 5 If an individual, limited liability company, or a partnership, answer the following: Date of organization: Type of organization: Names” Nebo School District
If your not a partnership, there are the similar questions on your company and the leaders of it.

Bonding and Bank

The qualification for roofing contractors requires the contact information for both your bank and bonder It also asks what the single and aggregate sum involved.


There are a a sizable amount of questions among those asked of roofing contractors in regard to projects. The statement wants to know about your projects past and present. The statement asks the following information:
“POINT OF CONTACT: Person who will be able to answer any customer satisfaction questions. PHONE NUMBER: Phone number of the contact person.
EMAIL ADDRESS: Email address of the contact person.
USER NAME: Name of Company / Institution that procured the roofing construction work. PROJECT NAME: Name of the project.

DATE COMMENCED AND STATUS: Date when work commenced, percent complete, and scheduled completion date.
ADDRESS: Street, city, and state where the work was performed.
SIZE: Size of project in dollars. DURATION: Duration of the project / construction in months. TYPE: school, offices, warehouse, etc.).
CONSTRUCTION METHOD: Construction delivery method (CM/GC, GC Hard Bid, Design Build, etc.).” Nebo School District

Make sure your information is accurate. It will be checked.