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What goes into a steel roof installation?

Steel roof choices are driven by their cost, by their style and by the grade of steel used. All these variables contribute to their price; which ranges between $125 and $1300 a square. A square is equal to 100 square feet. The styles of a steel roof can mimic other types of roofing: slate, tile and wood shake. Steel roofs can stand alone or be combined with aluminum and zinc to create a metal roof. Steel has a gauge. The lower number denotes a higher quality of steel. A 24 gauge is a better grade of steel than a 26.

Corrugated Steel Roof Panels

Steel roof panels are made up of steel that has a gauge of 26 to 29 less. These panels have finishes of paint and coatings. Because they have exposed fasteners and use a lower grade of steel, corrugated steel roof panels will cost less than those with concealed fasteners. The reason exposed fasteners are less expensive because these kind of panels are likely to spring a leak after they have been in use for only a decade.

Steel Shingles

Steel shingles are used to create the illusion of a variety of looks on a steel roof. This type of roofing has the appearance of an architectural shingle. It can also masquerade as a wood shake, tile or slate roof. This style of roof can cost $800 per square. However, this roof can last fifty plus years, and is made of high quality steel and are the least expensive and easy to install.

Standing Seam

Standing Seams are made up of vertical panels that are connected by concealed fasteners. The this type of steel roof costs from $1000 per square. The price of this style roof is driven upwards depending on the amount of labor required, size and complexity of the roof and the cost of materials. The concealed fasteners also are a factor in the higher price for this steel roof.

Stone Coated Steel

A stone coated steel roof are made of high quality steel, which is either a 22 or 24 gauge and covered with crushed stone. Stone coated steel costs approximately $1,300 per square and can be configured to look like a clay roof. That is why this style of roof is colored in red or orange when mimicking a real tile roof.

Solar Metal Panels

Some steel roofs are being combined with a laminate solar strips that adheres to the roof. This makes solar virtually invisible to the passerby. Solar strips are not replacing the bulky solar panels because of the high cost of solar strips.The cost of a steel roof is twice the price of an asphalt roof. A average steel roof costs about $10,000 and solar strips can cost an additional $20,000. The combined total of $30,000 is beyond the price consumers are willing to pay. However, in the long run solar strips are cheaper because of your savings on energy bills.

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