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You want the best coverage at an economic price. Affordable Contractors Insurance can give you that. It has over twenty years experience with a focus exclusively on the insurance needs of the construction industry. It means that Affordable Contractors Insurance agents understand what you do for a living and what type of policy you need to protect your business.

High Quality Coverage

Affordable Contractors Insurance offers full coverage on both general liability and workers’ compensation as part of your contractors insurance. Workers’ compensation covers injured workers by paying for medical and compensating them for lost wages.

General liability protects you in a myriad of situations:


As a contractor, you have a number of expenses, so you would like to save on your insurance. Affordable Contractors insurance saves you an average of 17% on your insurance. That percentage of savings can add up to significant money when you consider that contractors insurance can cost between $1000 to $25,000.

Customer Service

Affordable Contractors Insurance offers superior customer service. This claim of superior customer service is bolstered by the fact that it has a 96% retention rate. That retention rate demonstrates how effective Affordable Contractors Insurance is in helping its customers.

Live Agent

Buying insurance can be confusing. You have to sort out what kind of coverage you need. Affordable Contractors understands your dilemma. That’s why when you call you reach a live agent. The agent can explain to you which options would suit your needs.

Down Payment

Contractors insurance is expensive. You may not have the full amount to put down. Affordable Contractors Insurance gives you the option of putting down only 20%. That down payment allows you to have contractors insurance, which you need to win bids.

Speedy Turnaround

Many times you need to get your contractors insurance asap in order to bid on jobs. Affordable Contractors Insurance agents take pride in the speedy turnaround that they give to insurance documents. You can get a quote in 15 minutes. You can have a certificate of liability almost instantaneously. By the end of the day, you will receive a policy number.


There are many reasons to go with Affordable Contractors Insurance. It offers twenty years experience, high quality coverage, superior customer service, 20% down payment, 17% discount and speedy turnaround of your insurance documents.

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