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Is Rubber Roofing More Insurable?

Rubber roofing is considered a great alternative to other roofing materials. They can be designed to mimic cedar shake, tile and slate. What the manufacturers do to heighten the resemblance of rubber singles to these high-end shingles is to mix sawdust from these shingles with rubber ones. The rubber roofing materials cost considerably less than the other ones. A drawback to the rubber shingles is that the price paid is four times more than asphalt shingles.

Rubber Roofing Popularity

Rubber roofing has been gaining popularity among home and business owners. More and more customers are choosing rubber roofing for their home or office building. The reasons for these customer choices is that rubber roofing is that it is eco-friendly, durable and flexible. On the other hand, roofers like rubber roofing because its lightweight, can be used on most roof slopes, can be installed on most roof configurations and has good high-wind performance.

Eco-Friendly Rubber Roofing

The main reason that rubber roofing is considered environmentally friendly is because these roof systems are made out of recycled materials such as tires These materials not only are good for installation but also rubber roofing is excellent during a tear down because the materials can be recycled. The ability to recycle tear down materials saves tons of materials from being dumped in a landfill. Experts estimate that 11 million tons of roofing materials wind up in landfills annually.


Rubber roofing is very durable. Manufacturers warrantee rubber roofing from 30 to 50 years or a lifetme. Rubber roofing gets its reputation for durability for a number of reasons. First, rubber roofing is fire resistant. Second,this type of roofing is less likely to crack or crumble in harsh weather. Third, the beauty of rubber roofing is that this material requires very little maintenance. Fourth, It also acts well as a method of waterproofing.


The bendable quality of rubber roofing contributes to its flexibility. Its flexibility makes rubber roofing easy to install, especially if its in a roll as opposed to shingles. Its flexibility enables rubber roofing to perform well in a high-wind situation.

Roof Configurations

Most houses and buildings each have standard roof configurations. The problem arises for roofers when the customer has a uniquely configured roof. Rubber roofing can solve the problem because this type of roofing material has the flexibility to contour to most roof styles. Moreover, rubber roofing can be shingled on roofs that have a variety of slopes.

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