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Roofing Insurance

You need roofing insurance because through its general liability coverage it protects you and your business against third party claims. Your roofing insurance allows third parties, such as clients and sub-contractors, to file a claim against your insurance. The cost of your roofing insurance is a lot more affordable than what you have to pay out to the claimer.


Imagine you’re working on a job and a package of shingles slides off the roof. The package strikes the outdoor furniture of your homeowner and wrecks the furniture. Your roofing insurance through your general liability coverage steps in and covers the cost of the new furniture. You or your client are not out of pocket any money, and you have an affordable solution to what might of been a costly situation.

Bodily Injury

Routinely, you hire sub-contractors to do work on your roofing projects. These workers are considered third parties because they are not your employees. If one of these workers gets injured on the job, your roofing insurance via general liability will provide coverage for this injured worker. Again, rather than face the high cost of paying for this person’s medical, your roofing insurance gives you an affordable resolution to the situation.

In another scenario, picture that a hammer has fallen off the roof and struck your homeowner. Again, your roofing insurance through general liability coverage will cover the cost of the bodily harm that the homeowner has endured. Likewise, you and the homeowner shoulder no costs, leaving you with a much more affordable outcome than paying the medical expenses of your homeowner.

Personal Injury

Your roofing insurance through general liability coverage protects you against claims of libel or slander for which you are legally liable. If you say something uncomplimentary about your competition, and it proves to be untrue, that’s slander. Your roofing insurance will help you foot the bill if your competitor sues. Paying for roof insurance premiums is lot more affordable than court costs.

Advertising Injury

Your roofing insurance under general liability protects you if you infringe upon the copyright or use another’s advertising. For example, if you develop marketing materials or literature and you use verbiage that’s the same as a competitor, that’s advertising injury. In the event that you are sued, again your roofing insurance in the form of your general liability coverage will come to the rescue and help pay your legal fees. Just another instance how roofing insurance makes doing business more affordable for you.

Third-Party Claims

Third-party claims are the greatest risk your business faces. Roofing insurance provides an affordable, smart alternative to dealing with the hassle of third-party claims.

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