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New Roof

A new roof is one of the largest investment a homeowner can make. On Angie’s list, it’s estimated that a tear off on the average cost $11, 095 and a metal roof $12, 036. However, these figures don’t calculate the size, pitch, accessibility, and complexity of individual roofs that could drive up the price. Given the investment a homeowner has to make in a new roof, it’s challenging to win a bid on this type of roofing job.


According to the Small Business Encyclopedia:

“Bonding has the side benefit of making your business more desirable to customers. They know that if they suffer a loss as the result of your work, they can recover the damages from the bonding company. The difference between a bond and insurance is that a bonding company ensures your payment by requiring security or collateral if a claim is made against you.”

License and Insurance

Being licensed and insured is another enticement to customers, who want a new roof. Homeowners are especially interested in general liability coverage because they know that general liability has built in protections for them and their property. Licensing proves that you have the qualifications needed to do a good job. On both, customers will want to see a copy of your license and insurance. Furthermore, these homeowners will want to verify that your license and insurance are currently in force.

Warranties and Guarantees

Workmanship and materials are major pieces in the decision to put on a new roof. Make sure the materials that you suggest have lifetime warranties. Warranties come into play if there are any defects in the materials.

You provide the guarantee of your workmanship. Angie’s lists states that quality roofing companies guarantee their work for the life of the roof. That may not be feasible for you. Routinely, roofing contractors guarantee their work for two to three years. Whatever amount of time you guarantee your workmanship make sure that your potential customers are aware that you back your work and for how long.


Many times homeowners are not sure if they need a new roof. Showing the customers what is wrong with their roof goes a long way to convincing them. From the ground, you can point out where the roof is sagging. The state of shingles is another telltale sign. Shingles that are missing or curled around the edges also signal the need for a new roof. The clincher is when you visit the attic and find a leak and see light streaming through the roof boards.

Decks are sometimes overlooked in a new roof discussion. It’s important that you evaluate the deck because it’s what hold up the roof. Cracked boards and deteriorating wood are a sure sign that the deck will need replacing. It also a sure sign that your customer needs a new roof.


Clients making an investment as sizeable as a new roof want to know that you’re a reputable contractor. The fact that you are bonded and have a license and insurance assures the client that you run a quality roofing business. Your manufacturer’s warrantee and your guarantee further assure the client that you will not only standby your work while you’re there, that you will standby your work once the new roof is complete.

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