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Worker Falling from Ladder

Safety Tips

Falls from heights are a major concern on construction sites, ranking as the leading cause of death in the industry,” says Scott Rasor, head of Construction at Zurich North America. “More than 200 U.S. construction workers are killed a year from falls.” Because falls are such an obvious hazard in the roofing industry, it’s vital for roofing companies to take precautions against these accidents.

In a recent article in Property Casual 360, Zurich North America. offered tips on how to prevent falls at construction sites, here are some of the tips:

Invest in proper equipment

Most roofing jobs will require a standard array of equipment. However, depending on the size of the project and the structure that you’re working on, you may need to invest in additional equipment to do the job right and safely. Here is a sample of roofing equipment categories that you might need to use:


Inspect Equipment

For equipment to be effective in preventing falls, the equipment has to be in A-1 condition. Zurich North America has a checklist that you can use to detect defective equipment:

Train Employees

For equipment to be safely used, employees must know how to use it properly. Designate a lead worker to train the crew on all equipment and evaluate the personnel as to whether they have the skills to use the equipment safely. Training workers prevents very preventable accidents.

Non-Compliance Protocols

Make sure that your workers unsafe actions have consequences. Whether the consequences are reprimands, wage garnishment or firings; make workers aware of the regulations and enforce the penalties. Unsafe behavior not only endangers the individual but also the co-workers.

Daily Review

Each day of a roof installment presents unique challenges. Tearing off an old roof with its massive debris can be as dangerous as installing a roof when you’re balancing on a roofing deck. Reminding your workers each day about the unique hazards they face and how to safely cope with these dangers, can prevent falls.

Roofing Insurance

Activating safety measures and training can not only reduce accidents but also save you money on your roofing insurance. Safety measures and training can reduce claims against your workers’ compensation. Likewise, investment in a perimeter roof protection system might eliminate struck-by-an-object claims against your general liability policy.

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