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Tips on Marketing Roofing Businesses

Marketing tips are extremely important because effective marketing leads to sales for your roofing business. Most roofing company owners focus on their manual skills. However, to grow a company, you need to be a salesman and refine your interpersonal and communication skills. The following tips will help you better market your roofing business.

Customer Service

Most roofing company owners spend a great deal time out of the office, supervising current projects. While you’re out of the office, how do you supply customer service? Do you have people in your office; who man the phones, answer questions and send out info? If you don’t and rely on mobile devices, how timely are you in getting back to past and potential customers? When you get back to these homeowners, do you get referrals from past clients or with potential customers take steps to advance the sales process.


Never forget that sales make up the life blood of your company. Part of sales includes educating your customers about roofing products

that they are considering. Another part of sales consists of listening to your clients and hearing the vision they have for their roof. Then you can use your expertise to mold a plan that implements their vision in a practical way. Finally, to close the deal, you need to convince the customer that you are the best person for the job. Your experience, training, expertise and that you are a licensed contractor; who has roofing insurance; which includes general liability and workers’ comp, make up some of your selling points.

Professional Organizations

Sometimes, you may feel that you’re working out there all alone. Joining professional associations like the American Roofing Association or the National Roofing Contractors Association (NCRA) can give you support in the form of informational strategies to meet your on-the-job challenges and news on emerging trends in your industry. These organizations can also help link you up with people in your local area, who can give you helpful information on your community or region.

Dress for Success

Because you work at an occupation, where your clothes get dirty and need to be rugged, you may not focus on dressing sharp. However, when you meet with clients, you need to dress for success. Your profession doesn’t require that you wear a suit jacket and tie, like an accountant. However, when you meet with clients, you should be dressed in an outfit that’s a cut above your work clothes. I suggest you wear Khakis, a dress shirt with loafers or dress shoes.


In some cases, roofers don’t have good spelling skills. If you know that you’re prone to make spelling errors, make sure someone with good spelling skills proofreads all the documents that you give to clients. A spelling error reflects carelessness and can lose you a client. Even if your an excellent speller, proofread all of your client documents. Don’t rely totally on Spellcheck because it does not pick up errors in usage.

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