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The Importance Of Contractors Insurance In Arizona

Arizona contractors insuranceYou’re an experienced contractor. You know, whether you learned the hard way or not, that insurance is required for what we do. Beyond the law, having insurance provides a sense of security and comfort. Let’s face it, accidents do happen, no matter the precautions taken to prevent them.

When an accident happens on-site, you need to be prepared. Let the team at Affordable Contractors Insurance protect you and all you’ve worked for with the proper Arizona contractors insurance.

The Responsibilities That Come With Being A Contractor

Being a contractors come with certain perks, but those perks come with a lot of responsibilities. Foremost among them is the obligation to take out contractor insurance policies that are specifically designed to protect your clients, your workers, and your business from the professional risks that naturally come with contracting.

As a contractor, you are 100% liable for anything that could go wrong in the workplace that your company has been contracted to serve. One of your workers could get involved in an accident and suffer an injury while at work. Or they could accidentally damage property by mishandling tools or materials.  Whatever the mistake or misfortune, you will surely face claims that could potentially ruin your contracting company financially.

Thankfully, getting the best contractors insurance Phoenix AZ has to offer can protect you from any eventuality that specifically concerns contractors.

Benefits Of Having Contractors Insurance

It safeguards your business from financial liabilities from doing business

In a world where anyone can sue for anything, it pays to be ready for any lawsuit that might come your way related to any contracting work you have done or are still doing. Whether you’re being held liable for injuries, property damage, or defective work, contractors insurance will allow you to transfer whatever financial liability over to an insurance company. With this kind of coverage, you would be able to protect and continue your business.

It can pay for legal expenses

Should a claim against your company make it to court, your contractors insurance can be used to cover attorney’s fees, court expenses, and other legal costs. If the court rules against you and orders you to pay damages, contractors insurance may also be able to help you make those payments.

It boosts your business’ commercial reputation

You and your staff could be the best at what you do, with cutting edge technology and top of the line equipment. In the eyes of potential customers, however, what makes you a legitimate and professional contractor, is if you have contractors insurance. In fact, many clients make having insurance a primary qualification for any contractor they decide to hire. We’ll get you set up to meet the insurance requirements for contractors in Arizona, and you keep providing the services you’re known for.

For customers to insist on contractors insurance is understandable. After all, contractors insurance protects not only the interests of your business, but that of your customers as well. People are more likely to secure your services because they know their property will be fully protected by the contractors insurance covering your work.

It gives you peace of mind

Perhaps the most significant benefit of having contractors insurance is that you have peace of mind. Should anything untoward occur in any of your contracting jobs, you can rest easy knowing that any claims that could be made against you and your company are fully covered. Whatever comes, you know that your contractors insurance will be there to protect you.

Let Affordable Contractors Insurance have your back

Many contractors turn to us for their contractors insurance needs, and for good reason: we live up to our name. At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we indeed offer the most affordable insurance policies. Saving upwards of 25% in comparison to other insurance providers. Since we specialize in providing contractors insurance, we take pride in having a full understanding of the complexity of your business insurance needs.

Whatever type of contractors insurance you require, we assure you that you will get precise solutions that will meet your specific business needs. Every contractors insurance policy we issue is customized according to the exact requirements presented by the client. Although we provide insurance nationally, if your business is in Arizona, we’ll make sure that your policy will be in compliance with Arizona contractor insurance requirements.

As for the cost of your contractors insurance policy, it will depend on factors such as gross sales, sub-contractors costs, the number of people on your payroll, and the total cost of that payroll. The type of contract work that your company does may also have an effect on your yearly insurance premiums.

If you want to ask about our exclusive programs reserved only for contractors, call Affordable Contractors Insurance right now to speak to a live agent and get a competitive quote in just a few minutes.

We could not state enough how important contractors insurance is for those in the contracting business. Honesty may be the best policy, but as far as contractors are concerned, no policy can ever beat having one that guarantees adequate insurance coverage.

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