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The Importance Of Arizona Roofing Contractors Insurance

Roofing work is important work. The roof is what shields any commercial or residential structure from harsh sunlight, rain, snow, and most other elements. We know first hand that working on roofs also puts contractors at considerable risk in the performance of their jobs. A fall from that height could have serious consequences, and that is why roofing is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world today.

However, the injuries or deaths that may result from a roofing accident are not limited to those who work on the roof. People on the ground could get hurt as well. A worker could fall on a client or a relative of a client 15 feet below and hurt them. Even as much as a shingle displaced by a worker’s tools could have serious consequences if it hits someone below.

There’s also property damage to consider. You or your workers could accidentally damage any part of the property of a client and be completely liable for it. In some cases, even clients completely unsatisfied with the work you have done can file a claim against you.

Any financial and legal claim against your roofing business is going to hit you where it hurts most: your pocket. As the roofing contractor, you are 100% liable for these claims once they are proven true. Pay for those claims yourself, and you can be sure your business will have to shut down because of the serious expenses it will entail.

Things, however, don’t have to reach that point. With proper insurance for roofing contractors in Arizona, you won’t have to worry about claims against your roofing company ever again.

Arizona Roofers Insurance Does More Than Cover Claims

Arizona roofing contractors insurance policy

When you have an Arizona roofing insurance policy in your hands, you can rest easy knowing that your company won’t be ruined just because of claims being thrown its way. Such an insurance policy also boosts your reputation in the market.

Commercial building owners always make sure to hire only contractors with commercial roofing insurance in Arizona. Even homeowners have wised up. Ask around, and you will rarely find a homeowner who will risk getting the services of roofers who have no residential roofing insurance in Arizona. In other words, having roofers insurance can help you get to the top of the list of any commercial or residential client looking for someone to fix their roof or install a new one.

Most importantly, an Arizona roofing contractors insurance policy should give you peace of mind knowing your business won’t crumble due to the sheer weight of claims. The same goes for your clients, knowing that they will be compensated for any injury or damage they may claim.

Let Affordable Contractors Insurance Provide You With the Right Insurance

What kind of insurance does a roofer need?

Talk to us at Affordable Contractors Insurance, and we will provide you with the right insurance you will ever need.

In your case as a roofing contractor, the insurance that you need the most is general liability insurance, which usually covers bodily injury, personal injury, completed operations or products liability, advertising injury, and medical payments.

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we offer liability insurance that is as high-coverage as it is reasonably priced. We at ACI stay true to our name, and we even accept down payments as low as 20%.

One thing that helps Affordable Contractors Insurance stand out from the rest is the fact that we only insure contractors. Since we only focus on contractors, we have a more intimate knowledge of a roofing contractor’s specific insurance needs. So when you get a policy from us, we will make doubly sure that the insurance policy we’ll be turning over to you is in line with the requirements you have outlined to us. That’s customized roofers insurance for you, and it’s one that will serve your business well for years to come.

Give yourself the ability to transfer the burden of any claims against you to an insurance company, and talking to a live agent would be a great place to start. In just a few minutes, you will receive a competitive quote that will give you all the information you need about the roofer insurance coverage you want.

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