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Arkansas Roofing Contractor Insurance

Why You Need Arkansas Roofing Contractor Insurance

Arkansas Roofing Contractor Insurance

Being a roofer takes a lot of courage and skill. They must know how to work safely from heights, with tools, as well as machinery. Standing and working on slanted roofs, as well as ladders and scaffolds puts them at risk of potentially falling.

By working at various heights, one wrong step can result in a fall that can cause injuries,- no matter the height. Along with the risk of roofers falling off the roof, tools such as hammers and knives, can also accidentally harm those working with them or near them.

Roofers also work outside, which puts them under the heat of the sun. When summer months come around, the heat can be unbearable, even in the morning hours. Being exposed to extreme heat for long hours can wreak havoc on a roofer and they may get heat exhaustion or a heat stroke.

Although roofers may be the most at risk for injuries, they aren’t the only ones at risk. Other contractors, residents, pedestrians, etc, can get hurt if a roofer falls off the roof and falls on them. Also, if a ladder, scaffold, tool or machine falls off the roof, it can also injure someone on the ground.

However, physical injury isn’t the only form of damage that can occur. Property can be damaged as well if a roofer, tool, or machine falls on to it. Typical property that gets damaged can include cars, A/C systems and anything outdoors near the roof. Whether a person or property is damaged, you can expect to have to pay a lot in compensation to the damage that occurred.

With a person getting injured or property getting damaged, it is almost inevitable that you will be hit with a lawsuit or claim against you and your company. With a lawsuit/claim, comes the risk that the judge will vote in the favor of the plaintiff, potentially costing you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation.

Another reason clients might sue you is if they simply do not like the work you did and not having Arkansas roofing contractor insurance can put you in a financial nightmare.

No matter what type of lawsuit you may be hit with, the payout could be devastating to you and your business and may risk your livelihood.

By getting insurance for roofers in Arkansas from Affordable Contractors Insurance, you can protect yourself, your business and your employees from having to spend immense amounts of money in lawsuits. Give us a call today at ACI and get the peace of mind you’ve been wanting and needing.


Protect Yourself With Arkansas Roofers Contractor Insurance

Arkansas Roofing insurance

We highly suggest you add our roofing liability insurance to be a part of protecting your business. It is vital that you protect you and your business, just like any homeowner and business owner protects themselves with insurance. Be protected in the case of emergency because accidents do happen, but if you are prepared for it, you will be in a better spot.

Any court case that comes your way from liabilities can deplete your business of its resources. Not only may you have to pay the plaintiff, but legal fees are bound to add up throughout the process. Legal fees are also just the start of financial payments you could be due to owe. They will rack up as the lawsuit ensues and can be expensive.

Without roofing contractor insurance, you will be left to shell out all the above payments, as well as compensation to the complainant, which can run pretty high and without insurance you will have to pay it all back yourself. With the help of Affordable Contractors Insurance, we can help you save money in payouts and legal fees. Just like any other insurance policy, we are here to cover you and your business and protect you from any lawsuits that may come your way. The caring workers at ACI, are here to guide you through the insurance policy and we will make sure your roofers and business are covered if an injury or accident occurs.

By getting roofers insurance, you are not only giving your business and employees peace of mind and coverage, but you are also becoming more attractive to potential customers. It is no surprise that homeowners and business owners are more likely to hire a roofing contractor who has insurance. So by getting the right roofing insurance, you can expect to see your jobs increase and your community entrusting you with more projects.

Affordable Arkansas Roofing Contractors Insurance

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we are experts in the roofing business and pride ourselves on only insuring contractors, so you know we will get you the right policy that is perfectly tailored to you and all of your needs.

Whether you need insurance for residential roofing, commercial roofing, new and existing construction, open roof coverage or uninsured sub endorsements, we cover it all.

Let us know your needs and any important aspects about your business and employees, such as how many employees you have, and our welcoming insurance professionals can tailor the right policy for you. We even offer a down payment for as low as 20%!

Give us a call today and save 15% or more compared to our competitors on our high-quality coverage roofing insurance. We will even show you competitive prices so you can see ours is truly the best deal in Arkansas.

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your Arkansas roofing insurance today.

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