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Why Getting Illinois Roofing Contractors Insurance Is A Must

Illinois Roofing Contractors InsuranceRoofers are subject to many physical dangers.

Working for hours underneath the heat of the sun puts any roofer at risk for heatstroke in the short term, and skin cancer in the long run.

There’s also the fact that working on roofs often requires using volatile tars and chemicals. One mistake in handling them, and one could end up in the hospital with severe burns.

A roofer is also at risk of coming into contact with exposed power lines and potentially electrocuting themselves. If a storm occurs, roofers are at risk of potentially being struck by lighting.

There is also the high risk of slipping or losing their footing and falling off the roof. Even if the house is only two stories high, a fall from that height would be enough to cause serious injury or even death.

Roofing has always been classified as one of the most dangerous jobs. The risks that come with the job, however, are not limited to the roofers themselves.

People on the ground could also get hurt if a roofing contractor accidentally falls off the roof. The same thing could happen if any of the tools they use falls to the ground—by accident or negligence—and hits a person.

Property damage is another problem that roofers could face while on the job. Whether it’s a person or a heavy tool that falls off the roof, any property they hit on the way down is going to sustain damage.

For uninsured roofing contractors, any of the dangers described above happening is going to cause a huge problem. A person hurt by one such accident, for example, will most likely file a personal injury claim or even a lawsuit. The owner of the property that a roofing accident damages, will want to seek compensation as well.

If you’re running a roofing business and you want to spare yourself the trouble of breaking the bank just to pay for the costs that personal injury and property damage claims and lawsuits bring, call us at Affordable Contractors Insurance now and get the protection you need.

What Can Illinois Roofers Insurance Offer?

Being at the receiving end of a liability claim or lawsuit can get very expensive.

For one, you have to pay the professional fee of your lawyer, which, by itself, can already be quite considerable.

For another, the whole litigation process will also require you to spend money on things that include photocopying of documents, court filing fees, and compensation for investigators, consultants, messengers, paralegals, and other people involved in your case.

Litigation costs, however, may only make up a tiny part of your expenses when dealing with a liability claim or lawsuit. If the judge rules in your complainant’s favor, you can expect to be ordered to pay whatever dollar amount the court awards to the plaintiff. In most cases, the figure is quite substantial.

Without the right Illinois roofing insurance coverage, you will have no choice but to pay for it all out of pocket. But if you call us at Affordable Contractors Insurance, we can get you set up with the right policy that suits your needs

With a roofers insurance policy from Affordable Contractors Insurance, you no longer have to worry about any of the expenses mentioned above. The policy will pay for all of it, right up to the limit of your coverage.

Aside from covering all possible costs of a liability claim or lawsuit, a roofing contractors insurance policy from us can help elevate your standing in the eyes of potential clients.

Unlike in the past, homeowners and building owners are now less likely to hire uninsured roofing contractors, even if they offer cheaper rates. They know the trouble they could get into if an accident happens,and the roofers don’t have proper insurance coverage.

If you’re protected by roofers insurance, then your clients are protected too, which will lead them to be more comfortable in choosing your business.

Get The Right Illinois Roofers Insurance Coverage With The Help of ACI

At Affordable Contractors Insurance, we specialize in providing roofers and other types of contractors with the exact coverage they require. Since we serve only contractors, we can assure you that we have a deeper understanding and knowledge of what it takes to protect your business. By the time we present your final policy to you, you’ll be at peace, knowing that every little detail is tailored to the specific needs of your roofing business.

Contact us at Affordable Contractors Insurance today if you want to take a closer look at your insurance options, and get a free competitive quote as well.

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