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Roofs are arguably the most important part of a house or building. It protects us from the outside elements such as rain, dust, and heat. And ensuring a roof is put together and held together correctly, is a big responsibility. Roofers take on that big responsibility and are met with dangers at every aspect of their job from the tools they use to the heights they work at, they can easily get injured.

Roofers use a variety of tools when working on roofs. They typically use utility knives, hammers, hatches and nail guns- all of which can injure a roofer if it is accidentally misused or misplaced.

Roofs are almost always at a height and roofers take a huge danger in working from heights daily. It does not matter if the roof is 10 feet above ground or a hundred feet above ground, a fall from any height could cause an injury. Sure, the small heights will most likely only cause non-life threatening injuries such as scrapes, bruises or sprains, but a fall from 100 feet and above can cause broken bones and even be life threatening. So roofers put their lives at risk everyday they work on roofs.

Another dangerous factor roofers encounter is the sun. And the sun is not so friendly in summer months as temperature rises, making the risk of heat stroke or heat exhaustion more prevalent. The sun can also lead to skin cancer after years of exposure if a roofer is not careful in protecting themselves.

But roofers working solely on the roof are not the only ones put in danger. Roofers taking a break on the ground, or simply helping from the ground can be in the line of fire if a tool or roofer falls off the roofer and lands on them. Also, property can be damaged by a person or tool if it is in the way. Property can include pool pumps, cars, sheds, a/c units and more. And whether a person needs medical attention or gets hospitalized or property needs to be fixed or replaced, as a roofing contractor you can bet on that person filing a lawsuit or claim against you.

A lawsuit or claim can financially devaste your business if you do not have roofing insurance. However, If you get insurance for roofers in West Virginia from Affordable Contractors Insurance, you will have the coverage and peace of mind knowing we have your back financially in this situation.

Why You Need West Virginia Roofers Contractor Insurance

Affordable Contractors Insurance is West Virginia’s premiere roofers contractors insurance company. Our high-quality roofing liability coverage will protect you if someone gets injured or property gets damaged while your roofers are on a project.

As humans, we are bound to make mistakes at some point in our lives, that is why we have ca and health insurance to protect us. ACI’s roofing liability is the same concept as those as we protect you when you need us most.

We will help cover you financially from the compensation a judge may order you to pay, to the legal fees that come with a lawsuit or claim. And legal fees are not cheap. Attorney fees run high and ACI is there to help pay what you owe.

To ensure we get the right policy for you, we want to get to know you and your company. Inform us on any past incidents that have occurred, as well as how many employees you have and how long you have been in business.

By getting insurance with ACI, you instantly become a part of our family and we treat you as such. We will have your back in a liability case and be there with you every step of the way.

If you need a little more convincing as to why ACI is the right choice, it is proven that getting roofers insurance makes you more valuable and attractive to clients. Insurance shows trust and responsibility, letting clients know they are safe in your hands. Also, some states require you to have insurance in order to even be a roofing contractor, so the reasons to get insurance definitely outway any cons you may have.

Get Your Personalized West Virginia Roofers Insurance with Affordable Contractors Insurance

We have been in the insurance industry for many years now and pride ourselves on having extensive experience in both the insurance and contracting worlds. This experience allows us to be able to promptly find the best insurance policy for you and your company.

A list of insurance policies we offer include: commercial, residential, new and existing, open roof coverage and uninsured sub endorsements.

To prove we are the best roofer insurance company, we can save you more than 15% on your policy compared to our competitors! Need more proof? Simply ask us and we can show you we have the best high-quality coverage at an affordable price- that is why we have the word ‘affordable’ in our name.

Give us a call today and speak to one of our insurance experts and get the policy you need today!

Don’t wait until you have been dealt with a lawsuit or claim and lose money, get your West Virginia roofing insurance today.

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