How Roofing Companies can Improve Their Reputation

How Roofing Companies can Improve Their Reputation

by Marie King

According to, “Roofing companies have been listed among the top 10 businesses that receive the most Better Business Bureau complaints. In recent years, their position has slowly dropped down. The most popular document reasons for complaints are:

  • Unsatisfactory Workmanship – More than half of complaints filed.
  • Inability to contact the company – 25%
  • Delay or failure to start or finish work – 16%
  • Delay or failure to make repairs – 13%
  • Poor customer service – 11%
  • Missed appointments – 10%”


The reputation of roofing companies-good or bad-follows them when they compete for bids. Today’s potential customers are much more savvy than in the past. These customers research online to vet contractors before they hire one. Part of that research includes finding out how the roofing companies are rated by the Better Business Bureau. They also check sites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor. Furthermore, these homeowners want to be able to contact some of your previous clients. Because these future customers are so thorough, it makes sense that you work hard to garner a good reputation.

Unsatisfactory Workmanship

Unsatisfactory workmanship is an unacceptable outcome for roofing companies. The person, who supervises the workers needs to make sure that when a job is finished it meets high standards. Some roofing companies hire unskilled workers, so these companies can save money. That way of getting work done is penny-wise and dollar foolish. These roofing companies place profits over reputation, and in the end they will pay the price when they compete for future jobs.

Inability to Contact

The ability of roofing companies to stay in contact is their lifeline to keeping their present customers happy and being in touch with future customers. Roof companies need to have a designated person to handle calls. This person needs to be reachable and prompt at returning calls. This is the only way for roofing companies to keep their present clients and find future clients.

Failure to Start or Finish a Job

Roofing companies should not take on jobs that they don’t have the time or workforce to complete. It’s smart to have a variety projects to work on at any given time. However, when companies agree to do a job and don’t keep their promise to a homeowner; they tarnish their reputation.

Delay or Failure to Make Repairs

For roofing companies, doing repairs are a less lucrative way to make money. However, these repairs can be a source of future jobs. Homeowners or businesses appreciate when a roofing company does repairs in a timely manner. Part of professionalism is keeping your word to clients. If roofing companies have a habit of delaying or failing to do repair jobs, the customer will spread the word that these companies are not reliable.

Poor Customer Service

All the items listed above and including missing appointments reflect how roofing companies provide poor customer service. According to statistics, the roofing industry is experiencing 13% growth, one of the highest in the nation. To take advantage of this growth, roofing companies need to improve their reputation by eliminating the poor customer service that they are providing.