Installing Roof Tiles

Installing Roof Tiles

by Marie King

Installing Roof Tiles

Installing Roof Tiles

Installing concrete or clay roof tiles is a complex project, especially if you never have installed roof tiles. It requires a lot of pre-planning before you tile the roof. You need to do a number things to ensure that you have a good outcome. First of all you have to pick out the tile, second you must determine the weight of the tile, third make a list of the materials you’ll need, and develop an estimate of what the materials will cost.

Type of Tile

The two most common types of roof tiles are clay and concrete. Tiles in general are more expensive than shingles. The price difference between shingles and roof tiles is because roof tiles have more longevity. Clay tiles can last up to a hundred years while concrete tiles can survive up to thirty to fifty years. Wiki How estimates that the price of a clay roof can range from $10,500 to $45,000 while a concrete tiled roof can cost between $6,000 and $15,000.


Clay and concrete roof tiles weigh significantly more than the most popular shingles-asphalt. According to Wiki How, “a basic asphalt shingle will place a weight of 3 pounds or less per square foot. In contrast, concrete, which is lighter than clay , can easily place over 10 pounds per square foot.”

That means the extra weight of the tiles can be too heavy. That added weight could cause damage to the roof structure. Before you start tiling, you have to determine if the roof is strong enough to support the weight of the tiles.

List of Materials

Since installing roof tiles is different from shingling a roof, its important that you choose the right type of materials. On your grocery list of materials, you will need gasket nails, outdoor sealant and underlayment. Before buying roof tile materials, you should have priced them; so you can develop a budget. The budget will help you to better understand what your costs will be. If you’re a novice at installing roof tiles, you may want to discuss your list and budget with someone who is experienced in tiling roofs.

Roof Tiles

The roof tiles are a major part of your budget. Because the tiles are of high quality, it’s important that the other materials you purchase are of the same high quality. The roof tiles can last from a half century to a century if they are installed properly.