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Maryland Builders Risk Insurance

Builders risk insurance (also known as course of construction insurance) protects your property and the construction materials used during a renovation or construction project. Maryland builders risk insurance also protects the construction site from catastrophes, vandalism, and other natural disasters.

Builders risk insurance in Maryland is a key coverage solution for any construction project. It would be wise for anyone with a financial stake in construction projects to purchase builders risk insurance as it might be required by a construction or mortgage agreement. It also provides complete coverage for construction-related risks.

Builders Risk Insurance Maryland

Builders risk insurance in Maryland can be easy to obtain. However, to ensure you get the most suitable policy type, limits, and coverage, you will need the help of our experienced and competent commercial insurance brokers.

Typically, coverage will be written on an all risks basis. Coverage will also often apply to properties in transit, construction sites, or those located at off-site storage.

What Maryland Builders Risk Insurance Covers

You can structure your builders risk insurance in Maryland to cover the following:


Your Maryland builders risk insurance can cover the buildings and structures at the premises. This includes fixtures, machinery, foundation, and equipment used to service the construction site. It also covers building materials, and supplies considered a fixed part of the project.

Equipment Breakdown

This covers damage to property caused by mechanical breakdown of covered equipment, the explosion of steam boilers, and artificially generated current.

General Liability

This protects against legal liability brought about by advertising injury to others, personal injury, and property damage.

Ordinance and Law

This covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding damage resulting from the enforcement of municipal laws or ordinances regulating the repair or construction of damaged buildings.

Modular Components

Often, businesses store important and expensive materials and equipment in off-site modular units. With your Maryland builders risk insurance, modular units and components are covered while used as temporary storage or while in transit.


Construction businesses and contractors typically test out newly installed equipment. In the event of a physical loss caused by electrical, pneumatic, mechanical, and hydrostatic testing, builders risk insurance in Maryland covers the cost of the loss.

Valuable Papers and Electronic Data

When doing business, contractors and construction companies rely on blueprints, schematics, and other paper and electronic documents. Builders risk insurance in Maryland provides coverage to replace, research, and restore crucial documents and electronic data lost in the covered risk.


Maryland builders risk insurance also covers profits apart from labor, materials, and equipment. With this insurance coverage, contractors are given a pro-rata reimbursement of the profit they have earned as of the date of the loss.

Identity Restoration

This covers business owners who fall victim to identity theft.

Why Builders Risk Insurance is Important

Builders risk insurance is considered a smart investment for those who work with materials prone to damage or in an area susceptible to severe weather. Understandably, you must pick a coverage that protects your investment from any unforeseen risks.

This is where our knowledgeable, friendly, and seasoned insurance brokers can come in handy. They can help you determine the type and amount of builders risk coverage best for you and your business.

Cost of Builders Risk Insurance

The average builders risk insurance policy will cost around one to four percent of your total construction cost. However, it typically varies depending on the type of coverage you are getting and the exclusions of the property.

When you work with our expert insurance brokers, they will make sure any claims are expedited. They will also help you address other possible claims during the construction process.

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