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New Jersey Builders Risk Insurance

Builder’s risk insurance or Course of Construction insurance is a coverage meant to protect buildings while it is under development. Depending on the contract, this protection may also apply for a short time once construction is completed. It also covers materials and equipment used to service the building during the contract period. Builder’s risk insurance is designed to protect properties against damage such as vandalism, catastrophes, natural disasters, etc. So the next time you plan to construct a building for business or residential purposes, count on our highly skilled risk managers to take care of your insurance needs.

New Jersey is known for its long beautiful coastline, which is why property owners love this place. General contractors look for insurance coverage for construction, whether the building is used for commercial or personal purposes. Both owners and contractors know the importance of getting a builder’s risk insurance that offers comprehensive coverage and anticipates construction-related risks. Insurance for both the contractor and the property owner is also one of the many requirements in order to comply with government regulations. Without those, they are not allowed to proceed with the construction development.

Builders Risk Insurance New Jersey

Make sure to get a New Jersey builders risk insurance with the correct limits, policy type, and coverage that fits your needs. You can get help from our friendly insurance agents who have a deep understanding of the industry and knowledge of the associated risks during construction.

The insurance usually comes written on an all risks basis. The coverage may apply not only to properties at the work site but also to the materials that are in transit and/or are kept in locations away from the construction site.

What New Jersey Builders Risk Insurance Covers

Course of construction insurance is designed to hopefully cover the following:


Aside from the buildings and structures in the construction premises, COC insurance also covers equipment used. This includes machinery, fixtures, and foundations that were utilized to service and handle the building. Also included are supplies and materials as these are considered part of the development project.

Equipment Breakdown

This will cover any damage to the properties caused by mechanical breakdown, artificially generated current, steam boiler explosions, and other similar mishaps.

General Liability

This serves as a protection against legal liabilities against property damage as well as personal and advertising injury.

Ordinance and Law

When municipal laws or ordinances are enforced, these can sometimes lead to damages and unnecessary costs. The next logical course of action is to rebuild or repair the damaged buildings, but these can get costly. Ordinance and law insurance can help mitigate this and help you recover the incurred loss.

Modular Components

Businesses keep essential equipment and materials far from the construction premises. Because of this, they might not be covered by your current insurance. To fix this, make sure to avail of modular components insurance to protect assets that are in transit or are kept in temporary storage as well.


In any construction project, contractors will test out newly installed equipment to see if they are working properly or are in great condition. However, it is no surprise that these tests can sometimes lead to breakdown or malfunction. For this reason, there is a need for testing insurance to cover the losses. The reason for the malfunction could be anywhere from mechanical, hydrostatic, electrical, or pneumatic testing.

Valuable Papers and Electronic Data

Contractors and construction firms rely heavily on electronic files, blueprints, schematics, and paper documents. In the event that these documents are accidentally lost, you can depend on New Jersey builders risk insurance to compensate.


In the event that the contractors incurred a loss, they can take advantage of a pro-rata reimbursement system that is based on the profit earned on the first day of the said loss.

Identity Restoration

Insurance for victims of identity theft are offered preventive and restorative services.

The Importance of Builders Risk Insurance

New Jersey is famous for its long and beautiful coastline with plenty of beaches and fun establishments along the stretch. However, the weather there might prove too harsh to some construction materials that are prone to breakage. For this reason, getting a course of construction insurance is a worthy investment. Get the best coverage that offers the best value and suits your needs with the help of our knowledgeable and approachable insurance brokers.

Cost of Builders Risk Insurance

One thing to know about the cost of COC insurance is that, on average, it costs one to four percent of the total construction cost of the whole project. You can get your claims processed faster if you work with our passionate insurance professionals. They will help you solve potential claims that you may have overlooked or missed.

We are Your Best Choice for Builders Risk Insurance in New Jersey

Get the best builder risk insurance in New Jersey for your business from our knowledgeable and welcoming insurance brokers. They will help answer any questions you have about coverage, types, limits and many more. You will be able to choose the best option based on an informed decision you learned or realized. On top of that, they can make the decision process faster and easier for you.

Why do we say we are the best? That is because of our impressive 96.4% client satisfaction and retention rate. Not only does this make us highly reputable in client service, but we are also the most affordable choice in the builders risk insurance New Jersey area. Last but not the least, you can get more value from benefits that only our exclusive programs can provide.

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