Shawn Jason

Construction Risk Specialist

Insurance Specialist & Personal Growth Advocate

CRIS® at Affordable Contractors Insurance

From the fast-paced streets of Detroit to the sunny coasts of San Diego, Shawn Jason’s personal and professional journeys reflect a tapestry woven with the threads of resilience, dedication, and unwavering integrity. With a compelling bachelor’s degree in communications from California State University, San Marcos, Shawn has built an illustrious career over 15 years in the customer service industry and 5 years as a Lead Commercial Lines Underwriter and Builders Risk Specialist, previously at Integrated Specialty Coverages (ISC).

Beyond accolades and titles, Shawn is a devoted Detroit sports enthusiast who has found a kindred spirit in the dynamic, fast-growing sport of pickleball. His passion mirrors the fervor he exudes in every endeavor, whether clinching insurance solutions or swinging for victory on the court.

Shawn celebrates life’s newest chapter with his beloved Italian princess, married as of September 2nd, 2022—while cherishing moments with their four-legged furry Dachshund. He fervently believes in the power of trust in fostering lasting business relationships, living by the creed, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”

Defining Moments:

  • Integrity Over Expediency: An early, pivotal stand for ethics over quick gains catapulted Shawn into a role model for principled leadership in the insurance sector.
  • Adaptability Amidst Change: Transitioning to the West Coast, Shawn seized change as an opportunity for growth, weaving adaptability into the fabric of his successes.
  • The Dedication Dance: Balancing a high-powered career with a zealous dedication to pickleball, Shawn’s life stands as a testament to his capacity for hard work and commitment to his passions.

A proponent for personal growth, Shawn exemplifies integrity, adaptability, and dedication. He doesn´t just protect assets with tailored contractors insurance – he safeguards dreams with a promise of respect and excellence. Join Shawn on a voyage of growth and empowerment, where risk meets its match, and potential reaches new heights. Get it touch with Shawn Jason. For a quick quote, click here to submit your request.

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